Kirby and the rainbow curse review ♡

I'm really happy to review this game for you guys because I've been so excited about this game ever since it was announced. I waited for so long!~ Kirby & The Rainbow Curse ($39) Is seriously one of the cutest games i've played in a long, long while. Sadly its only playable on the Nintendo Wii, it would have been really great on the Nintendo 3DS since the whole game is you using the stylus to draw rainbow everywhere.

Heres a trailer including some of the actual gameplay. I absolutely adore the textures they used in this game because its so different than anything they've ever done before. Its consistent and super colorful! The claymation makes it so endearing because you can see the fingerprints all along the characters and scenery. Its especially cute when Kirby gets launched against a wall and he flattens out because he's made out of clay.

One of the main reasons I really wanted this game is because its multiplayer and I really wanted to play it with my boyfriend. You can play with up to 4 people which is fantastic because if you're going to pay $39 for a game you want to be able to play it with some friends! I played a few levels alone and found that the game is actually much more enjoyable when you're playing with a partner because waddle dee actually helps out a lot. Although there are some short levels that multiplayer isn't allowed but they only ever last for 10-30 seconds and then the other players jump back in. 

I honestly cannot get over how pretty the game play is. The screenshots do it zero justice! Its so high quality and colorful it makes you feel really happy just playing it! I didn't want to take a lot of screenshots of the gameplay because I didn't want to give a ton away but most of the game is you using the stylus to guide kirby around. It was fairly easy at first and I was a bit worried that the game would go by quickly and i'd be done with it in a few days but now that i'm towards the end of the game it gets more difficult and its challenging in a good way. Theres things to do even after you finish the game. There is a music box feature where you can collect music from the game and past kirby games that you can listen to on your Wiiu which is perfect because the soundtrack for this game is adorable. 

Theres also a feature called Secret diary that you can collect pages from a Diary and the art for that feature is AMAZING its honestly so cute I don't know how anyone could hate it. Each level has a different page about the level (which is written by Elline) I didn't know about these during the first few levels so I need to go back and try and collect them all! I can't wait to read them in order. 

This game is actually Amiibo compatible! Amiibo are Nintendos brand new figures that are interactive with select games. Kirby and the rainbow curse works with the Kirby, Meta knight, and King dedede Amiibo. I have all three of them and i've tried all three with the game and honestly I could totally live without using them for the game ever again. You can only use each amiibo once per day (lame) and for only one level. They grant you things like extra health, more hit points, and attack bonuses which are all barely noticeable.

All in all i'm super happy with this game. I would buy it again in a heart beat! Its super fun and I would recommend it to anyone for all ages. If I had any complaint it would be that when you're playing with someone else you really aren't looking at the same screen... Since player one (Kirby) needs to be played on the gamepad with a stylus you are looking down 100% of the time while player two-four are looking at the TV screen. Which isn't honestly anything too big but I have noticed you can see more details on the TV screen than you can on the gamepad which is a small complaint, but you know! 



  1. Awe, this looks so cute! I wish it was for the 3DS. :-(

    Blogging with Marika

  2. Do you think it may come out for 3DS later? Like they did with Smash Bros? I rly hope so:/

  3. I love Kirby! I helped my nephew pass so many levels. Hahaha
    Wonderful review! ~.o

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  4. Ah was looking forward to this game it looks so cute <3 So gonna buy it ^_^ Did you also download the free pokemon puzzle game for the 3ds? Or don't you own one? :o

    ❤ Sann

  5. This looks so cute! I love the graphics~ Kirby's games are always so fun ^^ Thank you for sharing.

  6. I'm really thinking about picking this up, since I saw the commercials while I was in Japan and they looked pretty awesome!

  7. I'm picking this up tomorrow! Can't wait to play it. loved your review

  8. I hope they release this game on the 3DS. It looks absolutely adorable!
    Lovely review~

    Minae |

  9. it looks so cute, I never got that exited about this game, but it look super cute, and would probably be a nice game to play on a 3DS! but I really like your review!~ ♡

  10. love kirby, want this game so bad rightnow :)
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  11. I'm soo sad I don't have a WiiU right now... ;A;
    This looks so super cute and I love Kirby!

  12. Ahh adorable, I've been meaning to get a new console and been thinking of possibly getting the WiiU (specific for Smash Bros), this looks super promising!

    Illusive |

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