My new tattoo ♡

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So yesterday afternoon I got my third tattoo! If you cant tell by my blog, I kind of have a little obsession with sunflowers. When I was younger my mom would call me her little sunflower, and as a mothers day present to her I got this done. I absolutely love the way it came out.

All and all, it didn't really hurt that bad. From 1-10 it was probably a 4. It was more irritating than it was painful. I'm so happy I finally got my sunflower tattoo! I've been wanting one forever. 

Heres the tattoo all finished! Its so pretty! Romeo Lacoste did my tattoo, he lives in San diego just like me so if you wanna make an appointment with him, you totally should. The shop he works at is super adorable and his work is amazing! here are his websites! :

♥ Facebook 
♥ Clothing store 
♥ Website 

After, I went to my friends house and her room mate has this really cute snake and i've wanted a snake for a really long time and playing with this one made me want one a thousand times more! I don't really know too much about them so if you know anything leave it down in the comments! 

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  1. I love your tattoo! It's soooo cute! I also love how it was a mother's day gift to your mom! My mom would kill me if I ever got a tattoo!

  2. I love it! I saw on instagram you got it done by Romeo Lacoste and I was so happy! I LOVE his work. It's super cute and it's even cuter that you did it as a mother's day gift for your mom c: I want a snake too...but I want an albino one ; o ;

  3. Are you going to get your mom the lush box?

  4. That ball python is so cute! I have an albino ball python named Magnus, I think you'd like his colors. :)

    Check him out on my tumblr, if you want.

  5. If you're interested in getting a snake, I'd recommend just getting a basic beginners book from petshop or petsmart. They're really great and useful for getting your setup and such! A really big must is getting a big tank to start off with, so that way as your snake grows you won't have to spend lots and lots buying a whole bunch of different sizes, so it's best to just fork over the cash for your first one! Also ball pythons are really great for starter snakes because they're generally pretty sweet and docile, although I'd play around with whatever snake you're thinking of buying before actually buying it! Oh, and last thing: also be sure that you can deal with feeding your snake mice! I hope I helped a bit! (ミ⌒◡ ⌒ミ)

  6. I would suggest not buying a snake from a pet store because in the long run they usually have more complications, medical wise, than ones from someone selling them. Breeders are always nice because unlike dog or cat breeders they sell the messed up looking ones for usually less. Do your homework because snakes are a lot of work. Even getting the wrong type of heating source could kill your snake or cause it to burn or have severe medical problems!

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