Update on my life ♡

I've been doing so many things lately and I wanted to talk to you guys about it because I love filling you guys in on my life! I like to think of you all as my friends, so yeah! Recently i've been looking into moving out of my parents house and spreading my wings, that scares me a lot because my mom means the world to me but i'm turning 20 in june and I feel like its about time to do it. I never knew how frustrating and stressful looking for somewhere to live is! But its also fun and exciting at the same time, so when the time gets closer I can't wait to show you guys my new home. I've also been working on a t-shirt line! If you follow me on twitter then you already know about this and so many of you have been asking me when everything going to be started up, well we currently have four designs and sometime this week we have a meeting with a screen printing company to talk about prices, so right now i'm thinking about printing on American apparel and charging around $20-25. But, of course... nothing is set in stone YET, because the prices of everything is still up in the air but BEST BELIEVE I will post about everything when its done! The designs are going to be very anime cutesy meets a little naughty! You will totes love it! Other than that i've been working on some super cute things with Angelica, the owner of Tokyo hardcore that are secrets for now... And lastly, i've been looking for a new job! I'm pretty unhappy where i'm working right now and I really want to find somewhere new to work. Of course I feel blessed that I even have a job, but i'm on the lookout. I don't want to be unhappy there anymore...

I wore my hair down the middle today, do you guys like it?! I think I might keep it like this for a while but i'm not sure. It's really easy not having hair in your face 90% of the time and i'm pretty sure my forehead will love me because it wont be breaking out any time soon. I've also been thinking about dyeing my hair lighter again but ugh, girl retouching your roots is SUCH a pain. I miss my pink streaks so bad! But I feel like pastel pink on black hair might be a little harsh you know? Give me suggestions! Also, It might be time for me to get a hair cut... dun dun dun.... I haven't cut any of my hair besides my bangs in almost three years so my hair is super long and thick (giggle) and it's starting to give me a headache when its up in a pony and when i'm at work it HAS to be in a pony so its getting to be a little much. But the thought of cutting my hair gives me anxiety ; - ; ANYWHO, thats all I can think of for now. I hope all my little kittens are doing well 


  1. Best of luck on your new house and job :3 Will be looking forward to a room tour hehe.

    Thanks for the update~


  2. go with lighter hair with pink streaks! that's what I really want to do :)

  3. I hope you find a new job soon c: I'm 18 and withdrew from Uni because I was unhappy there! So I came home to get a full-time job all summer and then go to community college in the fall c: I've only been home for about 3 days and I've already redecorated my room and got a job at Great American Cookies in my mall! (it's my first job yay teehee)I'm becoming very happy!

    Anyways, I can't wait for your new shirt line and I also think pastel pink on black hair would be harsh. I miss your golden brown hair and it always looked amazin' with your pink hair c: I can't wait for you to post more and other things~!


  4. pretty sure you cut your hair a while back....

  5. are you making videos anytime soon? c:

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