Sugarpill pretty poison lipstick review ♡

Im so excited that I got my hands on the Sugarpill pretty poison lipsticks! The two colors I purchased were "cubby" and "girl crush"! I was pretty hesitant to buy these to be honest because I'm an avid user of liquid lipsticks because I hate having to reapply lipsticks. When I was younger I would always use the MAC lipsticks and they come off so easily I hate it!

The formula was completely different than any lipstick i've tried in a while, but not in a bad way! The lipstick felt dry and it took a little bit longer to apply than a normal lipstick but because of the dry feeling application it lasted a lot longer than any other normal lipstick! It didn't crack at all but it did wipe away a little bit when I was eating. They also do stain your lips a little bit because the colors are so vibrant but I always kind of like that for some reason.

The main reason I bought these lipsticks was because of the packaging ; u ; ♡ Its so cute and the fact that it also has glitter is AMAZING! Out of the two colors I got I like cubby the most. These lipsticks run for $20 on their website and I 100% think they are worth a shot if you like lip products~ 

Im really happy with these two lipsticks and i'm hoping to try the color colors soon! These colors would look absolutely gorgeous on any skin tone~ Im wearing cubby in this photo! Is there anything from Sugarpill you've been wanting to try? ♡ 


  1. That color looks so cute on you I love it!!!

  2. Chubby is such a pretty colour on you, I also really want to try Detox ♡

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  5. I love cubby <3 what a pretty shade
    Also I'm so happy you're back!


  6. girl omg you have to start posting ootd or something because your style is so cute and i need to know where to get me some cute april style DDx you have the cutest pastel style <33 love you

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