Cute eBay finds (Spring edition) ♡

Heres a little collection of some things that have been sitting in my wishlist on eBay! I own these shoes personally and I love them so much! They are a little stiff so make sure to wear socks with them! I also own the little banana lip balm and I love it! The cover actually comes out and I actually took all the product out and replaced it with vaseline because thats the only thing that really keeps my lips moisturized~ I just LOVED the idea of the little banana ♡ Im a sucker for packaging!

♥  Pink saddle shoes ♥ 
♥  Gudetama stress toy ♥ 
♥  Minnie key cover ♥ 
♥  Banana lip balm ♥ 
♥  Pink kitty bag ♥ 
♥  Sailor shirt ♥ 
♥  Floral denim skirt ♥ 

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