What to pack for Disneyland ♡

A lot of you asked me to start making blog posts on Disneyland and the most requested one was to make a post about what to bring and not bring with you to Disneyland! I feel like I have enough knowledge to guide you guys in the right direction of what to bring! I know a lot of you are going to gradnight soon, so i hope this helps! 
For me an external battery is a must. I love taking pictures all around the park and since the service is lacking at Disneyland my phone dies so quickly. With a Mophie battery my phone stays alive all day! I've owned several of their products and they are an investment, but VERY worth it. I recommend the powerstation duo (let me know if you'd like a review on this product!) Along with the Mophie charger bring along your USB phone cord because.. you can't use one without the other.

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Lugging around makeup isn't ideal and it can get messy. Instead just purchase some blotting sheets! I personally use the ones from NYX but any will do, really. If you want something with a bit more coverage just bring along your favorite powder and powder brush. 

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At night Disneyland always gets so humid and my hair always frizzes up. If you have the same problem with humidity bring along some hair ties! These are also really great to have with you if you purchase a snack while waiting in line and you need to wrap it around and throw it in your bag.

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I feel like A lot of people forget that you're allowed to bring food into the park. If you are trying to save money and not spend a lot on food i'd recommend bringing some snacks! If you really want to spend no money on food while in the park i'd recommend filling a backpack with food and ice packs and purchasing a locker. They are $12 for the whole day I believe!

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If you're like me, your eyes get really, really red at night. Eye drops are a must if you don't want to keep hearing "are you okay?" "you look so tired" 


I would throw this all in a bag that you feel comfortable with. Some people like backpacks, some like purses, some like totes! Its all up to you! I personally always take a shoulder bag or a small backpack.  Throw in a light sweater and sunglasses, too! I've found that Disneyland and California adventure aren't ever EXTREMELY cold on a typical California night. But obviously bring something heaver if the weather is more dense. Other than those things don't forget to take your wallet and a marker if you want to get autographs from the princesses!

Things you don't really need to pack: Huge cameras (unless you're trying to take professional photos your iPhone is just fine.) Water bottles (there is free water fountains all over the park & restaurants give out free water cups if you ask) Cash (all the vendors take ATM/Credit cards)


  1. Awesome post! I always tend to over pack my bag when I go on day trips, so I end up carrying so much that all I feel at the end of the day is pain. I'll have to keep this in mind next time I go anywhere. One day it will be useful when I do actually get to go to Disneyland! ^^ ♡

    Living By The Sea

  2. could you make a post about how to spend the day if it's your first time? like which rides are the best, what areas to visit, etc

  3. Thanks for the tips.. its very helpful ^^


  4. pretty please make a post about cute outifts to wear to disneyland and what not to wear! :)

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