February favorites ♡

Hey dolls! I haven't done a monthly favorites in a while so I thought i'd update you a little on what i've been absolutely loving as of lately. Here in southern California its really hot out so a lot of my items are really spring/summer themed.

I ordered this Etude house nail polish off of ebay and the color and packing is absolutely stunning. It's the same exact color from Mac's old collection "Archies girls" although, this etude house nail polish chips like crazy. The mac color, didn't. I probably won't repurchase it again but until I find a polish this color i'm going to keep using it!

Next is this NYX lipstick. Let me just tell you guys that this lipstick is seriously AMAZING. It lasts for hours and goes on really smooth. It isn't matte, but it isn't super glossy either. I picked this up at ulta for around $6. The color is "LSS591A BLUSH" The color is a really nice deep pink that I personally feel would look amazing on every skin tone.

I've talked about this body butter from the body shop before but I repurchased it recently and thought i'd remind you guys how amazing it is. This might sound weird but for some reason when I put it on after a shower, when I wake up the next day my whole body feels tighter?? The smell lasts all day and the tub ($19) lasted me around 10 months. 

I've been using this product from Clinique for a while now but never talked about it and i'm not really sure why. Its the "all about eyes" product! What you do is dab a little bit around your eyes at night and its supposed to depuff your eyes and lately my salt intake has been through the roof so my eyes have been puffing up and this makes it go down! Although this is a pricy product I recommend trying it out or maybe stopping by a Clinique counter for a sample. 

I completely fell n love with Daisy by Marc Jacobs all over again! If you've never smelled it before (which i doubt) you should really go try it out! I have a really hard time finding sunglasses due to my face shape but these Mario glasses from LULUS were really inexpensive and adorbs! I'm loving transparent accessories right now.

AND LASTLY, my Disneyland annual pass because i've been taking trips up to Disneyland a ton lately! I've gotten the chance to meet a lot of you and its lovely. If you want any Disneyland related blogposts let me know!


  1. NYX is the best drugstore cosmetic line imo. It's cruelty free too!

  2. Have you tried any other NYX lipstick colors?

  3. Daisy by Marc Jacobs was my first "designer" perfume. It's a lovely scent.


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