Cute wallet I bought off ebay ♡

I ordered this really adorable wallet off of ebay, and I knew when I bought it that I had to share it with you guys. I've been living without a wallet for months so my cards have been just flying all around and I was so happy when I found this! Also, it was only $8.00! 

Isn't it super cute how its 3D?!

And this is the inside, it only has little photo flaps which is great for me because I rarely carry cash, only cards! The wallet seems really great quality and i'm really happy with it, I know this isnt a very long or wordy post but I know you guys LOVE the ebay posts and this was something way too cute not to show you guys. If you buy the same one, we can be twins!


  1. I bought a similar flippy wallet like that one a couple weeks ago c:!~

  2. So adorable! My sister is in love with that cat, it's called Babosarang!

    Those pictures of you and your boyfriend are adorable btw :)

  3. I think I've seen that wallet or something similar on a website named 'Mochi Things'. They sell really cute stuff but it can be quite pricey. :x

  4. Super cute! I love wallets like this too. I definetly need to get a new wallet as well. My current one is a little old and is dying a bit.

  5. Oh wow I just got a makeup bag with the same exact print a couple of weeks ago! Now we're matching c: