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Can I just say i'm in love with this box?! Dottiebox is a monthly box subscription (my newest addiction) that is $20 a box. Now, thats a little pricey for a lot of subbie boxes BUT, this box reminds me of etsy, everything etsy, and if you know etsy then you know its a little pricy because everything is handmade! (woah I said etsy a lot) But, they are having a giveaway on their blog for a free April box. Click here to join! Anyways, onto the goodies!

When I opened the box the first thing I noticed was the knitted cup cozie. OH MY GOD! I've wanted one for so long! I wanted to show you guys what it would look like on a cup but my mom took my special starbucks cup to work (grrr...) 

My favorite things in the box were: The handmade pear lip balm, The candle, the hair chalk, and of course the cozie!

Ahhh, isn't it so cute?! It's amazing quality too! Now I don't have to go out and buy one, which is really nice!

Please excuse how messy I got the tube! But this is literally my favorite product i've used in a while. This makes my lips so moisturized. It has a very nice oily feel that actually works, unlike huge companies that put chemicals in lip balms that actually make your lips dry out (so you buy more) this one is absolutely perfect, they should sell these! The scent is lovely as well. 

How cute is this candle? If you've followed me for a while, you know I love candles so this is perfect, and since its handmade it makes it 100% better

Next are these little mustache nail stickers, nail stickers are a really quick way to make your nails look really adorable really qucikly. I know mustache prints are really on trend right now so I put some on my nails to be up to date with all you cool kids! Cute right?

The only thing I cant really use are these wine charms, i'm not old enough to buy wine so these are really of no use to me, BUT, I gave these to my mom and she loves them. 

Overall this is one of my favorite boxes right now because of its etsy feel, I love supporting small businesses and all the businesses including dottiebox are small businesses! Everything is handmade and adorable. If you shop on etsy often then this would be perfect for you, or maybe even as a gift for a friend. Don't forget to join dottieboxes giveaway for a free April box, and sub to this box if you like it! 

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