What photo editing apps I use ♡

A lot of people ask me on a daily basis what photo editing apps I use to edit the photos I upload on instagram, so here they all are! The ones I use the most are Photoshop express, Camera +, Picfx, and squaready. The others I use rarely.

Photoshop express: This app is a basic editing tool that allows you to sharpen, brighten, rotate, and flip photos. I use this when I need to rotate or flip a photo.

Camera+: This app also has basic editing tools but some cool filters built in. If you like how light leaks look, you'll love this app!

Picfx: This app has tons and TONS of filters. Most of which look very vintage.

Squaready: I use this app to get the "white borders" that people always ask about! When you have a picture thats too long that you don't want to crop, this app will let you keep the length on the photo. 

Ragacute/smilephoto: Not much to say, just adds cute stickers to your photos. 

Collage: Just lets you put your pictures into a frame.

Picsart: Another picture framing app, but this one lets you frame your pictures into a heart shape! Thats the only reason I have it.

Timercam: Just a timer for your phone. I hate that the iphone doesn't let you take timed pictures!

Camera360: Tons of filters! You can actually see what the filter looks like before you apply it. 


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  2. Camera+ has a timer as well! I use most of those too :)

  3. Nice!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Love Camer360, Photowonder is amazing as well!

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