Nintendo New 3DS review + first impression (Happy home designer bundle) ♡

So I have been waiting for the new 3DS to come out ever since it was announced for Japan and I almost gave up on it ever getting released in America but it is finally here! The new 3DS with all the cute faceplates everyone has been waiting for ♡ The new 3DS is going for about $219 on amazon. The release in america is actually an Animal crossing happy home bundle. So you get the new Animal crossing game, and the new 3DS for $219!

The bundle also comes with two animal crossing themed cover plates and one amiibo card. The bundle doesn't come with a charger though... I'm not really sure why the new 3DS doesn't come with a charger but you can purchase one here if you don't currently own one and are planning to get the new 3DS. Im really excited to play the new Animal crossing game even though its not a typical AC game. Happy home is actually an interior design game where you help your fellow villagers decorate their homes! Hence, happy home ~ 

Thats where the amiibo cards come in. Amiibo cards are a new form of Amiibo, they pretty much look exactly like trading cards but they are super pretty and sparkly! (I got to see some this summer at comic con! ) each pack is going to come with 6 cards and are going to go for $5.99. (you can purchase amiibo card packs here) The amiibo cards will allow you to have exact villagers move into your town which is actually really great and fun because I like knowing who will be living in my town! And if you are wondering yes, the game is 100% playable without having to buy the Amiibo cards! If you aren't planning on buying the new 3DS but want to play Happy home and play with the amiibo cards you will have to buy the Happy home / NFC card reader bundle.

The best (and my favorite part) about the new 3DS is the cover plates. There are so many cute ones to choose from! You can find them simply by looking up "new 3DS cover plate" here are a few of my personal favorites!~

♡  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 ♡ 
They all vary in price depending on rarity.

This morning I went over to Gamestop and picked up my bundle and I was shocked of how pretty the box looks in real life! Its actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be too!~ I also bought 5 packs of amiibo cards (I had to stop myself from buying more... ; - ;)

So this is all the stuff that comes inside the bundle box. It comes with two different cover plates which is a good deal considering most cover plates are going for over $20. I don't particularly like the ones the bundle comes with so I won't be using them. The bundle also comes with some AR cards that I never pay attention to, one amiibo card, and of course the little guide for the new 3DS. 

After opening my five packs of cards here are the ones I was actually happy with! The top row are the holographic special cards. In every amiibo card pack there is one special card!~ The ones I don't want i'll probably trade away or sell. 

The cards themselves are extremely high quality and don't feel as though they will get ruined with use. They appear to be thicker than a normal playing card so it won't bend! The glittery or holographic cards are so pretty I can't wait to find a cute way to display them. I wouldn't recommend carrying these around loosely. 

As you can see I picked out the pink stripped cover plate. I think its super adorable ^~^ I really enjoy the feel of the new 3DS. Its slightly smaller than my older 3DS but I can't really tell the difference. 

Like I said, I just got my new 3DS this morning so I haven't used any of the new buttons or features but as a first impression, I'm very impressed. I was doubting if I should get the new 3DS or not and I'm so glad I decided to because I would have regretted not purchasing it!

As for the Happy home game, it looks really cute! I have only gone as far as creating my character but i really enjoy the fact you can now in fact change your skin tone and hair color. Once I play more of the game I will post a more in depth review. Its just important to remember that Happy home isn't an actual animal crossing game, its a spin off so in Happy home you can't really do the things you could do in New leaf or older AC games. Let me know if you guys would like a full review on the game~ 

I hope you all enjoyed my little first impression of both the new 3DS happy home bundle!  Remember, if you'd like to purchase the bundle you can do so here or if you'd just like to purchase the game you can do so here ♡  Are you planning on purchasing the new 3DS? Let me know down in the comments! 


  1. I ordered a bundle from Gamestop, but it won't get here until Wednesday. I really want the K.K. cover plates c:

  2. Ah so cute! I have to wait until it comes to europe tho :c But I'm glad you are happy with it!♡

  3. This is great!
    Please do make a review on the game. I'm doubtful about buying the bundle so that would really help me. thank you

  4. Wow, it looks so cute! I really want to order one now~

  5. Your 3DS looks cute. I might have to get a new 3DS, but maybe a Japanese one?

  6. Awe shot, it's so cute. Still unsure if I should get it tho or wait for a slightly larger version to drop.

    Love, Anne ♥
    ✿ ✿

  7. Yes please do a review on the game! I've been debating between the psvita or the new 3DS so a review of the game would be lovely ♥ :)

    ♡ ♡

  8. Those cards look so lovely! And please do a review about Happy Home Designer <3

  9. Hi April, I own a 3DS XL and I've been thinking about buying the new 3DS as well. Do you think it's worth the investment? I'm not sure if I should just go for the NFC bundle... :s
    Anyway, congrats for another super lovely post! :)

  10. Your DS looks so cute! Thanks for this review, I found it really useful <3

  11. The new 3DS looks so adroable and really think I should buy it soon... but on the other hand I'm pretty happy with my old 3DS (though I still regret not buying a XL version) so I purchased the game-bundle without new system but with a card reader... but since the release in Europe is one week away I still have to wait...

  12. This is so adorable ;A; I'm so tempted to buy the new 3DS <3
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  13. Nice review, so you had the 3ds xl before right? How is the change from 3ds xl to new 3ds? I love the new coverplates but I'm kind of scared to switch to a smaller system >.< But the colors for the xl just don't appeal to me (black & blue for europe). Would love a full review :3

    ❤ Sann |

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  16. So cute! I'm in love with my sea green 2ds but the Happy Home bundle makes me crave the new 3ds! ♡