Sugarpill Sparkle baby palette review & first impression ♡

I've been eyeing the Sugarpill Sparkle baby palette for so long now that I finally decided to go ahead and purchase it. The Sparkle baby palette goes for $34 and personally to me is well worth the money! My first initial thought when opening the box it came in was that the packaging was to incredibly beautiful I want to carry it with me everywhere! Im going to do my best to keep it clean (for some reason all my makeup ends up so dirty ; - ;) 

The names of the shadows on the palette are so adorable! Kitten parade, Frostine, Hotsy totsy, and Candy crush ♡ My two favorite colors are Kitten parade and Frostine! All the colors are available as singles on the Sugarpill website if you wanted just one or two of them~

Even the inside of the palette is so beautiful! The actual colors are a lot larger that I expected which is great! More product to love~ (grabby hands) I need to make room on my makeup counter because it needs to be displayed front and center its so pretty.

The colors are slightly shimmery and very pigmented! I tried them out with a brush on my arm with no eyeshadow primer and they still showed really well! Im 100% happy with my purchase and I can't wait to try out some new looks with these. I don't own a ton of colorful eyeshadows that are of good quality so I'm super excited! I will for sure be making more Sugarpill purchases in the future. I would compare the quality to Too faced which is one of my favorite makeup brands. The shadows feel very soft and glide super easily on your skin. Even without primer they are very wearable ~

They recently just started a nail polish line and I want to try them so bad! The colors all look so pretty and perfectly glittery. Most definitely will be my next purchase~ Have you tried anything from Sugarpill or have anything from Sugarpill on your wishlist? Let me know down in the comments! 


  1. honestly, this palette is so you, i luv it
    i can't wait to see what you do with it
    ur the cutest ♥

  2. The palette is so pretty!!♡ I kind of want it now, but I usually only use natural colours. I have been interested in sugarpill for a while. The nail polish looks interesting too, please do a review on them as well when/if you get some of them~ c:

  3. Thank you for this review! I really love the colors of this palette <3 And the nail polish colors that they came out with are all gorgeous *u*
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

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  5. Aww, this pallette is so cute. I already saw the photos you shared on twitter and was almost going insane that I couldn't read the review when I was still on vacation (because I had no time to open my laptop or do anything on it most of the last 5 weeks). but now, finally!
    I can look at all these cute pastelish colors as long as I want to.
    But since I'm way too thrifty... 30$ for one product is a no-no for me... ;n;

  6. sooo cute! matches your blog layout so great haha

  7. Those bows and palette are cute. I love the colors on the palette.

  8. This must be the cutest eyeshadow palette I have ever seen! *o*

  9. Those polishes are amazing! I've been looking all over for more interesting glitter polishes. If you do review them please let us know how much they are too!

    [ ♡ ♡ ]

  10. Wow that palette has such beautiful colours! And you're right, they show up so well on your skin! Amazing!

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  12. i bought the palette because I saw it either from your twitter or on your blog, and it's the cutest palette in the world! frostine and kitten parade are my favorite shadesss! <3