Where i've been ♡

I feel so terrible i've been absent for so long!  It's been four whole months since my last blogpost. My laptop broke and I had to wait so long because it was so expensive to get it fixed ; - ; but now I'm back and I hope you guys are excited!! Not much has happened while I was gone I was still using twittertumblr, and instagram regularly. While I was gone I was doing my best to work a ton, it was a really good break from blogging that I think I really needed. I didn't want to put out a bunch of half hearted posts while I was gone, so I decided just to take a full break!

One update though, is that my boyfriend and I decided to start selling these really cute Lon Lon milk bottles from Legend of Zelda on etsy~ You can check out our etsy account here ♡


  1. Happy to see you back! I'm looking forward to more posts from you :) Those LonLon milk bottles are absolutely adorable! Hope you're doing well!

    Delicate Teeth | www.delicateteeth.co.vu

  2. Those bottles are cute! I'm looking forward to your posts. :)

    Xoxo, ♡ http://marikawaix.blogspot.com ♡

  3. Ahhh I am sooo excited you're back, I was really happy when I read the announcement on tumblr :)
    I am hoping for some christmas themed blogposts ?
    xx Marina

  4. I stumbled over your blog while it was inactive and I'm so happy to see you are back. Can't wait for your posts ♡

  5. so happy you're back! c: i can't wait to see more posts, especially around christmas time!

    <3 http://theloveaffairx.blogspot.com