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 If you are like me, an introvert, staying inside doing the things you want to do like be online, watch TV, baking a cake, reading a book, or any thing you do when you simply have nothing else to do. As an introvert I love staying at home. But I found you can still be an introvert outside! Weird thing to think about right. A single person walking outside can experience a universe made out of atoms. How did this computer that I am typing on get made? I have no idea, but I do know how super cool it is to be using it. 

 But there was a time in my life where I told myself "WHAT AM I WAITING AROUND FOR. WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME. WHAT IS MY PURPOSE HERE. I WANT TO DO SOMETHING, BE SOMEBODY, BE MYSELF IN THIS ENDLESS WORLD OF POSSIBLITIES." The first step that starts it all is going outside. Get those screens turned off and put on your shoes. Don't forget to dress for the weather! But just stepping outside isn't enough. You truly have to learn to experience the world in a different mindset. The mindset of "Wow this is really happening. I am truly apart of this vast universe and I am experiencing it at the same time as you". The mindset of a child, where you wander around just excited to see things being created and happening is the mindset we should all have. Where you can be silly no matter what age you are. Laughing, smiling, caring, and loving everything. Wondering how things work, why we are here, and just sitting back watching the clouds go by.

 But in a world where mindsets are formed by your family and environment it may be hard to get into another mindset if you cannot leave your place or town right now. That's totally okay Ever try and walk around your neighborhood to find cool places to explore? The park is a great place to start! As you grow the world grows and there will be a time in your life where you can literally go anywhere and do anything you want. The only thing stopping you is that drive inside your heart. That passion to do better things, to be a better person, to make the earth a better place for everyone. In this world the possibilities are endless and all it takes is a moment away from the technology. 

 Things you can do outside: 
  ♥  Take photos to make homemade post cards  ♥ 
 ♥  show off your smile  ♥ 
 ♥  Buy sunflower seeds and drive down the highway while you throw them out the window  ♥ 
  ♥  Ride a dolphin  ♥ 
  ♥  Make a paper airplane out of a leaf  ♥ 
  ♥  Find your significant other  ♥ 
 ♥  Adopt a pet to have fun outside with  ♥ 
  Sled down the pyramids on a rug  ♥ 
  ♥  Become a wizard and make a fruit punch volcano  ♥ 

 Drive, drive, drive, drive, and drive until you can't drive anymore. 
Where will the road take you?

 Google maps knows but let's pretend its a secret because the world truly is unexplored by you.

 Sure you can watch videos on YouTube of whales but did you know that you can literally see a whale being born with your own eyes. With the right location and the right time you could experience so many powerful things that you wouldn't even believe is real. Life is meant to be experienced! Hopefully one day I will see a whale in real life and oh boy what a sight that would be

 The possibilities are endless The world is out there and its waiting for you to experience it. Say adventurous and make life exciting because it all starts with you. - Daniel Alexander

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  1. What a beautifil guest-post. It was really inspiring (◡‿◡✿)

  2. You are confusing agoraphobia with being an introvert.