Anime expo haul ♡

This past weekend I went to anime expo and picked up a few things that I wanted to share with you guys~ I didn't buy a lot of things because everything was fairly expensive and with comic con coming up I thought I should probably limit myself. 

Anime expo was really fun! I'm really sad I ended up leaving early because I got sick but the days I did go, I enjoyed a lot. I'm probably not going to make a separate blog post about anime expo because I didn't take /that/ many pictures. There was so many people and it was SO hot ; - ;

My favorite purchase from AX is this No face airplant! I knew you guys would want to know where this was from so I picked up the owners business card. It says that this is her etsy account but she doesn't have anything up right now. Maybe if you message her she'd be up for doing something for you! I'm absolutely in love with this and I can't wait to hang it up later on today.

I got this little dino keychain from galaxxxy rocks, a Japanese clothing brand. I really like their stuff but it was all so expensive so I settled with a tiny keychain, heh ; u ;

I got these cute stickers from the OMOCAT booth! I've loved OMOCAT's art for the longest time and wanted to pick up some stickers for my laptop. The booth was so cute I wish I took a picture of it!

I'm sooo happy I found this LonLon milk candle! It smells milky too! Its amazing quality. I wish I still had the business card for where I bought it ; - ;.. but I lost it. 

I bought this soda from comic con a couple of years ago and it ended up shattering so I repurchased it!~ Its from j-list! Super cute and actually tastes really good.

I've been wanting A super sonico figure for the LONGEST time. I'm glad that I bought it at AX! It's a lot better quality than I thought it was going to be and I can't wait to start collecting all the Super Sonico figures! #1 Waifu ; u ; If you haven't watched the anime I really recommend it!

For day 1, My boyfriend and I cosplayed as Kiki and Tombo from Kiki's delivery service ♡

For day 2, My boyfriend cosplayed as Link and I just wore cute clothes~ ♡

I absolutely loved meeting all of you guys and I can't for AX 2015 ^__^


  1. the sailor dress looks great on you tbh

  2. You're so lucky that you get to go to all these amazing cons! I totally understand where you're coming from about buying things at cons. One year, I spent about $200 in merch and our local con isn't even that big so I probably would've spent my whole pay cheque here or something.

    Love the goodies you got! I especially love the LonLon Milk Candle! It's too bad you lost the business card, I'll probably google it up :)

    Cute cosplays! I never bother to cosplay when I go to cons, I'm one of the few people who wear regular clothes X_X

  3. I love everything you got, Jasmine!! ^ ^ My favorite purchase of yours would have to be the No Face air plant, too. *u* It's so cool~ Great post<3
    -Kiyomi xx

  4. Wow I love that terrarium! It's the cutest thing ever. o: Wonder if they can ship one to Australia for me haha!


  5. Aw everything's so cute!

  6. the candle is so cute, and we absolutely love your costume!! we've always wanted to go to an anime expo!

  7. That air plant is super cute! :3 I really want to get myself one, so I hope she posts on her Etsy.
    Thank you for sharing! I wish I went to Anime Expo.

    xo, Kathleen

  8. I like your pictures and you have such a lovely blog! :)

  9. where did you get your half face mask with the teeth if you dont mind me asking?