Tamagotchi P's review ♡

I've been wanting to buy a new Tamagotchi for years now and I finally got around to doing it recently! I put it off for a while because the new Tamagotchis are actually pretty pricey. They're in color and offer a lot of things you can do with them. The particular one I got actually comes in a set. There are these new pierce's that you can attach to the top of the tama that will allow you to get new themes, games, characters, and a bunch more! The set I got came with the limited edition color, and coffret pierce. 

I ordered mine off of amazon for $68.34 which is honestly a lot of money for a little toy but its so fun and its really cute. Its really something to buy if you want to spoil yourself. The Tamagotchi p's are unfortunately imported from Japan and are 100% in Japanese but its really easy to use and play with. Theres a lot of forums online that have translated everything for you! I'm not going to go super in to detail about what features there is unless you guys would like me to make another blog post about my tama!  

Now, there are some Tamagotchi toys just like the Tama p's that are in english and those are called Tamagotchi ID. They are pretty much the same, but by doing my own research I found that the P's are much more detailed. The Tama ID doesn't come in very many colors either.  But if you're really worried about the Japanese i'd check out the ID. Although honestly, the Japanese isn't a problem at all.

Heres what the pierce looks like! Since I got the coffret set it came with the Pierce cover (its a silicone heart) and the actual pierce itself. The quality of this product is really amazing. I was expecting it to feel kind of how the old Tamagotchi's felt but this felt (expensive?) and well put together. The jewels on the side don't feel like they can just chip off and everything is really smooth and comfortable to hold. 

I'm in love with my Tamagotchi P and I don't regret buying it all despite its hefty price tag. I like taking it places with me because when you're bored you can just pull it out and play with it! Also if you and your friends have them you can connect with them and play with their tamas! Super cool if you ask me! If you plan on getting one let me know on twitter, or in a comment below! Also if you'd like a more in-depth post about the Tamagotchi p's I can do that for sure! xoxo


  1. OH MY GOSH I miss my tamagotchis so much, they've changed a bit compared to the ones I had ha!
    I used to have 6 version 1-6 :)
    Great post! :)

  2. I used to play with my tamagotchis so much when I was little! They were easily my favorite toys!

  3. I remember having a tamagotchi,,,,it died in a day.... Anyways these look so cute! I would get one if it was more affordable.

  4. ahh so cute... one of these days... when i sum up the moneys T__T

  5. :3 hi just wondering if the tamagotchi has a little strap hole to be a keychain :3 thanks

  6. Hi I have a purple Tamagotchi P. I got it from Amazon for $45. It is such a blast. I enjoyed reading your article. I didn't know the ID'S were in English.