A day with Evolve ♡

Evolve is a clothing company i've talked about on my blog before and recently I went over to hang out with the owners Casey and David and I wanted to show you a little of what we did! Their new spring line which is absolutely fantastic, came out today so you can check it out here. Evolve is one of my favorite local clothing companies because of the message behind it. It's all about positivity and doing the absolute best you can for yourself.

Their office was seriously so cute and they had tons of polaroid's from their shoots. All their models are super adorable. My favorite shirt from the new line is the tye dye shirt! Its seriously so cool and the shirt is really soft. They also have some brand new cut and sew shirts with patterns on the sleeves and pockets that were so soft I could sleep on a pile of them *u*

The tags they put on their clothes is amazing. I feel like a lot of brands kind of go with the whole "heartless" and sad mindset, I really like how Evolve is the complete opposite. Its really motivating. I stuck the tag on my wall!

Heres some lovely promo pictures featuring their new line! I highly recommend checking it out and purchasing some either for you, or a loved one~

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