Cute etsy finds ♡

♥  Pelvis bone panties ♥ 

♥  Kitten bra harness ♥ 

♥ Kitten shirt ♥ 

♥  Smiley face ring ♥ 

♥  Holographic tote ♥ 

♥  Total creep top ♥ 

♥  Pizza cats mug ♥ 

♥  Cat mug ♥ 


  1. oh nooo why do you always find the sweetest things! i love holographic things lately, but still my heart cries for some cute pastel, so this is the perfect collection ;3

    cute weirdoland -

  2. these are the cutest things ever! omg that cat pizza mug is just perfection hahahaha! I also love the pink gingham bralet soo cute for summer! :D love all your photos on instegram pretty much spammed you love them so much everything is so sweet and pretty!
    Sofia x

  3. These are all so cute! I really want the as if shirt, the heart bracelet and the pizza cat mug now

  4. Awww, Etsy has the best stuff.

  5. That kitten mug and Harness are actually the cutest!!

    I'm new to blogger and youtube, would be awesome if you would take the chance to check out my blog. Would really appreciate <3

  6. Love the holographic bag and the cat/pizza mug haha, brilliant <3

  7. love all of this items

  8. Hi, youre so cute i love it!!! you should do a post on where you shop and the awesome little stores you go to get your pens and notebooks and all that :*