Asos bag review ♡

I got this bag a while ago and wanted to use it for a little bit before reviewing it because I was a little weary of its quality. The price was $51.85 and honestly I was a little big disappointed. The front of the bag scratches really easy and I got a little water on it and it stained the bottom of the bag. I originally bought the bag to be used for school because it fits my iPad and textbooks.

Heres some photos of the scratch and the water droplet stains. Thats after only using the bag for a week! I really love the design of the bag and don't regret purchasing it because I really do like it for school but it is pretty expensive for the quality that it is.

The handle is pretty  good quality although I don't know why anyone would use the handle to hold the bag if the longer straps aren't detachable. So I suppose its just for looks!

I put a cute lil sloth keychain on it (heh) the inner corners of the bag have some wrinkles that are pretty noticeable but didn't really bother me. 

Heres what the bag looks like open! the interior of the bag is TERRIBLE. Its this really ugly feeling cheap material that seems like it could rip at any second. I kind of feel like just ripping it out. The inside features a cell phone pocket and a zipper that could hold some makeup.

I tried taking a picture of the materials but it was kind of hard ; - ; sorry! Honestly, I would recommend this bag if you're looking for something structured but I would try finding something similar and maybe even cheaper! Its from asos and I love that site but I probably won't be buying anything else "asos" brand for a while.



  1. I was actually really close to buying that bag- but I thought i'll wait for a bit. Today I saw this review and I'm so disappointed in asos... Anyway- thanks, great post! :)

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  2. Jasmine I had the same experience with a pair of flatforms I ordered not that long ago! They were quite expensive so I expected the quality to be quite decent, but was proven quite wrong. I was so disapointed when the shoes scratched so easily. I guess Asos quality isn't as good as we expected. :(
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  3. Bad luck... Bags are normally expensive, usually just a nice, big one will cost $40. I bought a nice one for $20 from Chinatown, aha and the quality has been really good! I used it for months before signs of wear started showing. I think it's better buy bags in person, just to see their quality and not overspend.

  4. The last purse I bought from ASOS was horrible quality. I payed about 28$ because they were doing a college student discount at the time and when I got it was so disappointed with the material and the quality of it, it was like a really rubbery pseudo leather. I kept feeling like if I over stuffed it the straps would break or something and it wrinkled really easily! it has about the same build as your purse but it's black and has studs on it with not scalloping. I refuse to ever buy a purse from them ever again.

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