Trip to Santa Monica ♡

So today Sloth and I decided to take a little trip up to Santa Monica just to drive around and hang out! It was super fun and instead of using a film camera, I used a DSLR. Let me know which you prefer for my lifestyle posts! ^~^ 

When we got to Santa Monica it was still really early so the fog was still there which was sucky because I really wanted to enjoy the sun! The amusement park was closed too which was sad because I haven't been there in years.

After walking around the pier for a bit we walked over to Third street promenade and we went into Urban outfitters and bought some pins ^~^ Guess which are mine?!

I totally forgot that the 'barbie house' was in Santa Monica so I was shocked when I saw it. The rumor goes that the creator of barbie built/lives/owns that house. Its not true, but we can all pretend! So cute.

We went over to the museum of flying because educational and Sloth adores planes so much so I thought it would be fun! We actually ended up talking to some guy that works there for a while and he taught us a lot of things we didn't know which was pretty cool!

After hanging out in Santa Monica for a while we went over to Venice beach because my boyfriend has never been there before so I wanted him to check it out with me! I didn't take a bunch of pictures because it was really ugly outside and to break it down to you if you haven't been before (drugs / homeless people / street acts ) & LOTS AND LOTS of people. I actually saw Kassem G (if you know who that is!)

I had lemonade for the first time ever! It was super good but REALLY expensive :-( I actually found out they're opening one up here in San Diego and I'm stoked about it because the lemonade was seriously so good.

We kind of ran out of things we wanted to do around 5pm so we went over to Little tokyo because I love the Japanese photo booths there! Its $10 for one machine and it takes about 4-6 pictures and you get to edit them and it prints it out on sticker paper. They also have UFO machines with plushies in them and I really wanted the beer plush and i've wanted it for almost two years now! I can never get it x___x  I was pretty disappointed with Little tokyo this time I feel like every time I go the stores get more and more expensive and it sucks! We ended up going home pretty early because we were both super tired. I was running on only two hours of sleep! Anyways, I had a really fun time going back to my hometown and hanging out!


  1. Looks like you had a really good day! I'd love to visit here, it all looks so cute! Great photos with your SLR :) x

  2. nice <3 Love the barbie house, haha <3 x

  3. Your day looked like so much fun! I have those little cat pins from UO too, my boyfriend bought me them for Christmas!

  4. Santa Monica is such a wonderful place! My favorite is the Promenade!

    I really like your dslr photos better than the film. It shows so much detail and the clarity of your photos.

    Have a lovely day~

  5. that's so lovely that you can take a little road trip to a wonderful place! i hope to go there at least once since my daddy is from there<3 xoxo

  6. Those plushy's <3

  7. that was a pretty fun adventure! i'd love to go to santa monica soon since i've never been there!

  8. Ahhhhh I love your DSLR photos, but either film or digital would work fine for you daily photos. And what equipment did you use for these photos (if you don't mind me asking)?

    Btw, I'm glad you got another DSLR I remember you said yours broke and you were waiting to get a new one c:

  9. Where is the "Barbie" house located? I'm travelling there soon and would like to visit!