Ipad mini review ♡

I've been thinking about buying an iPad for the longest time and recently over Christmas I was gifted one, and I was so happy! The reason I didn't ever buy one myself or talked myself out of buying one was because I was scared I wouldn't use it. I already own an iPhone and Mac computer so I felt like it would just be kind of useless and I would be wasting my money. 

I was really excited when I got it and started downloading all of my favorite apps (Leave a comment down below if you'd like me to do a post about whats on my iPad) First I wanted to talk to you guys about why I wanted an iPad. I'm a college student and while taking my laptop to school is fun its also pretty tiring and actually worries me that it might get stollen or broken. I wanted something smaller and more compact to carry around with me everywhere. Also, I don't have a TV in my room because I just don't want to have a TV in my room so I wanted something I could watch movies and netflix on. 

Its perfect for everything I wanted it for. I use it pretty much every single day for more than an hour. I use it for a lot of business related things as well. Its a great way to stay organized and clean. I'm really glad I got the iPad mini instead of the regular sized iPad because I like using it when i'm laying in bed at night and if it was bigger than it is, it would be a lot harder to move and use comfortably. The smaller size is absolutely perfection. I can't comment on how useful it is for school yet because I haven't started the spring semester yet- but I will try and update this post once I do! I won't be using it for textbooks though. Just for taking notes and passing time AKA playing games and watching Netflix.

Some downsides to the iPad are that a lot of apps aren't made for the iPads larger screen so you might not be able to download all your favorite apps. Another would be that obviously, you can't use it everywhere because you might not have WIFI and I know that you can get cellular for it but thats why I have a phone! Other than those two things I can't really think of major downsides to the iPad mini. 

The battery life lasts around 5 hours watching straight video and probably around 10 playing around on it. Sometimes I go days without charging it. Its a breath of fresh air compared to my iPhone 4s...  I really like the smart cover (although it was like 30 dollars!) it sticks to the front and when you peal it off the screen unlocks for you. 

Honestly, I would totally recommend getting any kind of iPad if you're a student or if you travel a lot. Carrying around a bulky laptop can get annoying and I'm so happy I have my iPad. If you don't go to school or travel a lot you might find yourself just using your computer more and it might be a waste of money. I'll for sure be using this constantly when school starts and I can start using cute bags again instead of using huge tote bags or backpacks to carry my laptop in! 

A lot of you have been asking me for a room tour and I just wanted to let you guys know that i'm working on it! My room is almost done and once it is i'll be posting the room tour asap! xo


  1. I'v got an Ipad mini too and I love it so much.

  2. Please please please do a review on your instax mini 8 ): and like different films and accessories /:

  3. I have a regular iPad I think the iPad mini is a little too small for me.


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