Nars blush review (Desire) ♡

I've never owned a Nars product before because I usually buy drug store makeup but i've really wanted  to try a Nars blush because I always hear such wonderful things about them so I decided to pick one up! I got it in the color 'desire' and its a matte hot pink shade with no glitter in it. 

At first I was a little concerned about how wearable this color would be because its so bright but after trying it on I fell in love. I use an angled blush brush to wear it and you only need a tiny bit of it to show up on your face. You can build it up to have a really intense color but in my case, that isn't really what I want. This blush turns out looking really, really lovely if you only apply a little bit of it. 

Desire is really pigmented so if you're planning on using it for more natural looks this blush will last you a long time for sure. I wore this blush yesterday from 7am-1am and it lasted all day. I didn't have to reapply at all. Which is fantastic because most blushes just fade away as the day goes on.

I wanted to show you what the blush looks like in a more intense color, and a more natural color. They're both beautiful! I'm really glad I ended up getting this color and will repurchase it if it doesn't last me forever! I would list the pros and cons but I honestly cannot think of any cons for this blush!

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  1. That blush looks gorgeous! That is now on my wishlist hands down ♡

  2. I've always wanted to own a nars blush but I don't use blush :( lol <3

  3. I want to try the NARS BLUSH but I don't know what color I should go for!! I don't like the blush to be too overwhelming on my face..


    1. the color orgasm is amazingly pretty. its peachy w gold flecks and works on pale skin too!