Gift ideas for boys ♡

It's so typical that boys always have messy rooms that are usually taken over by things his mom buys for him to decorate his room. Why not get him something totally cool that will add a touch of gaming flare to his room? (not his dusty xbox) These video game cartridge pillows are perfect for just that. Found on Thinkgeek these retro pillows would make the great addiction to anyones room (male or female, really!)

Something isn't right here.. Sriracha candy canes?! Thats right! These are not for the faint of heart. These hot sauce candy canes will make the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season. You could even hand these out at a party and pass them off as regular candy canes *heheheh… Found on Thinkgeek these hot sauce candy canes are sure to make someones day. 

Have a boyfriend, friend, or co-worker who is a grumpy grouch? (or should I say.. cat) This grumpy cat mug is perfect for them! Grumpy cat is so adorable and so is this mug. It perfectly describes a lot of people in the morning. Found on Thinkgeek this mug would make a great stocking stuffer or secret santa present for that special someone. 

Got a Star Wars lover on your hands? This Storm trooper alarm clock is super cool! He won't kill you in your sleep (I think) Gifting an alarm clock is great because who doesn't need an alarm clock?! We all want the cool version of everything. Found on Modcloth this cute little Storm trooper will keep your friend.. or special friend company!

Have a music lover on your hands? A record player is the best gift. For anyone, really! Pair this with a couple of cool thrifted records and you've got a whole gift on your hands! Having a record player is the most awesome thing because come on.. It's a record player! Found on Amazon this record player is very affordable compared to others and has great reviews, too!

Books can always be a great thing to give. This 75th Anniversary poster book of DC comics would make a fantastic gift for anyone interested in the DC comics or movies. Not only could this be a great coffee table book, but a great book to have for any comic book collected. Found on Modcloth
Everyone needs a nightlight because lets face it, the dark is scary. I know I'm not alone here when I say this is the coolest night light ever! Found on Modcloth this nightlight would make just about anyone excited. If they aren't happy with this. I'm not sure what WILL make them happy.

Remember that personal gifts are always something that is adored. Notes, photo albums, and giving gifts that are little reminders of you or someone else are really great! I will be having a couple DIY's coming up so that could also be a part of your lovely gift. Stay tuned!

***Please note that this post was made in advance and items linked may be sold out. If that is the case, check out the website linked to the product. There will be more cool stuff there.

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  1. ah, the nightlight is so neat! I would even want it for myself. ;u;

  2. Oh!! The SRIRACHA Candy Canes. Perfect.

  3. That pillow is soooo cute! I made a post on what to get boys/girls too! Check it out :3 Love your blog


  4. I want to add one! if your male friend is a music lover, you could also buy them a retro cassette player and some tapes (or all full case) c: I found an old case full of old pop rock tapes and an 80's walkman on Etsy! My friend loved it a lot and it wasn't super expensive.

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  6. I made a post like this too! please check it out (:

  7. You did well all these gifts are things I can actually see my boyfriend wanting thanks April :)

  8. I love this idea! What a useful, pretty, and practical gift for a young bride-to-be. I am tucking it away. Thanks for sharing it.

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