DIY Christmas gift: Heart tea bags ♡

What you're going to need:
 ♥ Scissors 
♥ Sewing needles
 ♥ Any kind of tea
♥ Any color thread
 ♥ Coffee filters (Four for every one you make)

The first thing you're going to want to do is grab about four coffee filters and its a lot easier if you keep them together how they came instead of taking them out individually. This way its easier to cut. If your coffee filters are fairy thin like mine are, you might want to use four, two on each side. But if they are on the thicker side, you can try one on each side. It just has to be thick enough to sew though and not break off!

Fold the coffee filters in half and do your best to keep all of the ends straight. Cut half of a heart into the middle of the coffee filter and you should get four hearts!

It should look a little something like this. If all the hearts are uneven try your best to gather them together and begin to sew. You're going to have to sew very tight together so the tea doesn't fall out!  

Once you have about half of your heart together its time to pour in the tea! This can be a little messy, so I suggest doing it over a hard surface.

Once you have your tea in your bag, finish closing it up and keep it tight! I stress this a lot because the tea WILL fall out!

To add a tag you can use any kind of stiff paper and just poke a hole though the top and add it to the side, or top of the heart. You can have it say whatever you want! I just chose to have it say what kind of tea it was. 

And there you go! A heart tea bag. This would make an amazing gift for any tea lover and it doesn't take very much time at all. You could make about 10 of them and put them into a little mason jar and you have a whole gift that took you less than $5 to make! xo

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  1. SUPER cute c: can't wait for you other posts! I hope you feel better about posting them because no doubt we'll love them all!~

  2. This is a cute idea!
    How well did it hold up once you dip it into the water?

  3. So cute! I'm definitely making these for my friends, and the DIY hot chocolate set too ^^

  4. This is such a cute idea! ^^ I am definitely going to try this out this Christmas~
    -Kiyomi xx

  5. that's so cute, my best friend love tea so I might add some of these with her favourite tea to he present box~

  6. I love all of your blog posts so much! ♡
    But I just wonder one small thing. Where did you get your duvet with roses on?

    - Love Andrea, from Norway

  7. ohhh i also made personalised tea bags for my friends for christmas - i guess i'll write about it on my blog tomorrow ^^
    weirdoland -

  8. I think this can be a really cute gift for valentine's next year!
    Such great ideas!
    - Bea (

  9. this is really cute! I love all your Christmas posts ♥

  10. So I guess when you said that you would do blogmas, it would be a joke... do you realize how disappointing it is for your fans to visit your blog everyday, looking forward to a new post, and then find out that it's the same post from 5 days ago? Extremely disappointed.

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