Cute rings (Online finds!) ♡

Someone on tumblr recently asked me to make a post about cute rings that they could buy online, so here it is! Recently i've been really into wearing and stacking rings. Etsy is my favorite place to buy rings because most of the sellers make the rings themselves! Comment below and let me know if you have any blog post requests!

♥ Dainty bow ring 

♥ Leaf ring 

♥ Star chain ring 

♥ Gold heart ring 

♥ Gold midi rings 

♥ Opal ring 

♥ Infinity ring 

♥ Opal rope ring 


  1. Ah everything is so nice and cute!! <3 :3 I especially like the Leaf Ring and the Dainty Bow Ring. *-*
    -Kiyomi xx

  2. I was just looking for some cute rings (I'm not much of an earring kind of gal) and these are perfect! I especially love the crystal quartz rings, crystal quartz are my obsession.
    Please visit my blog, I just started out!(:
    Messy Bun Undone

  3. i love this post :3 all the rings, i would totally buy!

  4. the moonstone ring is my fav <3

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