Christmas haul ♡

For Christmas I wasn't expecting a ton because I didn't ask for anything from anyone but some of you asked me to make a Christmas haul so why not! Feel free to leave down in the comments what you got for Christmas (if you celebrate of course, or what you did over winter break!) 

I am so so thankful that my mom actually got me an iPad mini! I've wanted an iPad for so long and I finally got one and I'm excited. A couple of you have been asking me to do a review on it so if thats something you'd like then let me know! I'd love to!

Sloth got me this big ball of lush which was so thoughtful because he knows that i love stars and astronomy so this star related gift from lush was perfect!

it came with all of this and a lip balm which is amazing. I can't wait to use all of these!~ ^__^ Sloth also got me that totoro plush, which lights up on the tummy!

Every year my mom buys me a perfume and this year she got me my favorite! Which is daisy by marc jacobs. It usually lasts me the whole year so her getting me a new one every Christmas is actually perfect because I run out right around Christmas time.

Last but not least this Vanity from ikea that i've been eyeing for the whole year! I included this ugly picture because its still in the box and I haven't put it together yet but once I do, i'll be sure to show you guys! I hope you all had an amazing Holiday season and continue to bring positivity into 2014!


  1. Why don't you ever make video's of your hauls!


  2. All the stuff you got are adorable! I have a bunch of samples of Daisy by Marc Jacobs and I really love the smell. I have yet to get the full size perfume! Thanks for sharing :3

  3. that vanity is to die for! so cute! Merry Christmas :3

  4. I've been wanting to try Daisy by Marc Jacobs for a while. hopefully soon i'll be able to! The vanity is absolutely cute, I can't wait for you to set it up hehe. hope you had a lovely Christmas! :3

  5. Omfg, I've been eyeing the same vanity too! I also got an Ipad for Christmas~

  6. please do a room tour and a makeup collection post <3 !