Makeup for beginners ♡

New to makeup and have no idea where to start?! In this blog post I'm going to show you some really cheap alternatives to spending all of your money on expensive makeup you don't even know will work for your skin. All of the products featured will be things i've actually tried and liked! Makeup is a really fun thing to play around with, so explore!
Foundations can be really hard to pick from because well, they stay on your face all day and if you have acne prone skin that can be scary. The foundation I recommend the most is Revlon ColorStay. I've been using that exact foundation for over a year now and haven't changed at all! I have combanation skin (not very oily/not very dry) and I get this for oily skin and it have amazing coverage and lasts all day. The Maybelline Super Stay Foundation is another great foundation. It doesn't have as great of coverage as the Revlon foundation but it's still comparable. Those two foundations are often the most talked about! Lastly is Maybelline's BB Cream. If you have skin that isn't too troublesome or aren't looking for much coverage at all just something to even everything out then this is for you. This is kind of something to throw on when you're just going out to the store. It doesn't last all day either!  

Mascara is something you never need to splurge on. I've been using Cover Girl's LashBlast  for years and I love it. It adds ton of volume to your lashes and doesn't clump at all. Maybelline's Colossal is actually the mascara i'm using at the moment and both are fantastic. Although Maybelline's is a lot better at creating length and the formula is a lot more wet so if gives an all around darker look. 

The only drug store eyeliner i've ever used is Maybelline's Eye Studio. Its exactly the same as MAC's fluidline but Maybellines lasts longer and doesn't dry out like MAC! It takes some practice to learn to use a brush but once you practice it will look fantastic. I've never been a fan of liquid or pencil liners.

I've found that revlon eyeshadows are really amazing. They seriously have so many colors too! They're pigmented and last a pretty long time! On the back of them they even show you how to use the colors. Drug store eyeshadows aren't my favorite because I absolutely love Urban decay shadows but if you're new to makeup these are really amazing to start with.


  1. the only thing i dont like about the colorstay is that i have some big pores on either side of my nose and it seeps through instead of covering it :c but its great otherwise, and i like to use it for more low-key days

  2. To Camille: I'd suggest using a primer to fill in the pores, so that the makeup goes on nice and smooth. I hope it works better! :)

  3. @Camille, I suggest a primer :) drugstores have very few but there are some affordable primers! Just combine the primer and foundation and mix together it works very well :)

  4. How do i pick the right shade of foundation?

  5. @Camille: I have nose pores too, and Benefit's the POREfessional to prime my problem areas. It conceals them 100%. Its not a drugstore product, but I think with a primer it is worth it to spend a little more money for a quality product.

    @Jenn: If you go to a makeup store like Sephora or Ulta, or a Mac counter the workers there can help you pick the right foundation. But its been easy for me because I always have to buy the lightest one (But some brands the lightest shade is even too dark).

  6. You say you try to use cruelty-free products but Revlon, Maybelline, and CoverGirl are not at all cruelty-free... :c