Le bunny bleu review ♡

Lebunny bleu offered to send me some shoes for review and i picked out these beautiful oxfords. I loved the colors on them and thought it would be a wonderful way to sneak in color in winter when we all tend to wear darker colors. 

These shoes are really sturdy and the materials used on the shoes are really great quality. The color in the photos are exactly the same in real life. I'm really shocked that the shoelaces that came with the shoes are really great quality. Not the kind that untie every couple of minutes. The bottom of the shoes are really hard so they will do great with wear! The only downside is that it might take a couple of long days to break these bad babies in! Le bunny bleu never disappoints me. I own a couple of their shoes already. I wear them constantly and they have worn up really well! 

I'd give these shoes a 9/10 because the quality is really outstanding. They look so different than anything i've ever seen! 


  1. I've always heard about them but never had a chance to purchase anything... They look really cute! I've just followed you on GFC, looking forward to your next post love!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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  2. Hey! I wrote about you on my blog, I really hope you don't mind. Thank you for being wonderful! ♡♡♡