What photo editing apps I use ♡

So you guys have been asking me a lot on Instagram (click here to follow me!) what photo editing apps I use so I compelled this little list so you guys could find out! The photos i'm showing you are of the apps I most commonly use. Although, I took screenshots of my folders with all of my apps in total, so you guys can check those out too, if you want to! I hope you guys like this ^__^

Here are all of the photo editing apps I have downloaded. On the left are more apps that have filters and more basic editing apps while the apps on the right are more sticker decorating apps! I'm not going to feature them all below because a lot of them I have just because or because I use them on rare occasions. 

The app I use 99% of the time when i'm adding stickers to my photos is the first app in the right screenshot at the top. I'm not sure what its called... but you cans see it at the top! This is one of my favorites because a lot of these cute sticker apps make your photos look really fuzzy and that annoys me. This one holds the quality and has pages and pages of stickers to use. 

This app is called "girls camera" and this app has a lot of cute stickers as well as the open to draw your own stickers and use stickers that other people have drawn. You can also add pretty, patterned backgrounds to your photos!

This next app is the most common photo sticker app, i'm pretty sure. It's called line camera. This app has a TON of stickers that are free, and some you can buy. It also has filters, and cropping abilities. Its kind of like a filter/basic photo editing app mixed in with stickers.

Snapseed is what I always use when editing a photo. I use it to brighten my photos and add sharpness to them. Thats the only thing I really use it for although, it has other filters and effects!

And lastly is afterlight. This app has that popular dusty effect everyone uses along with those light leaks that you can see in the left screenshot. It also holds some of my favorite filters and crop shapes like a circle and heart! 

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  1. The top left app on the right screen shot is called rakuga cute.

  2. Decipic is brilliant too! I can see you've got it there on the screen shot >.< xx

  3. I love snapseed and afterlight. x

  4. :D Thanks, I like how you're generous in sharing the name of the apps because I know some people are so whiny when they want to know what apps others use and the person they ask usually ignores them.

  5. Hi I nominated you for the liebster award :) All the details on my most recent post, enjoy! :) x

  6. I used photoshop express. I like and easy to use for photo editing.

  7. We all are Smartphone users and it's having fun to edit & retouching photographs in your own way by using different photo editing apps available free of cost.

  8. wow all this apps are so cute *.* i just use line camera*.* thank you so much

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  11. Lovely after effects of the apps!!!
    Love to use them for my picture edition
    I use Followlife for the same - that one is also awesome app. you must try it and share your experience.
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