What I did this week ♡

This week was really busy for me and so I wanted to document all of it and share it with you all! I really hope you like coming along with me on my adventures! Please do let me know down in the comments if you'd like to see more posts similar to this, or maybe even a day in the life post ^~^ 

This Monday the 21st was Sloth and I's one year anniversary! We couldn't spend the whole day together because he had school but he took me out to this really fancy restaurant that I had never been to before and I got to get all dressed up ^~^ The place was all the way on top of this building downtown San Diego so the view was incredible. 

This bread was so yummy and it had words on it!! Seriously though this bread was so amazing I couldn't even handle it.

And this was my food! It was SO amazing. It was steak/beef with a double baked potato! Sloth also got the same exact thing because whenever we go out to eat he always picks the wrong thing and always likes what I get more so now he always just orders the same thing as me, heheh.

After dinner we went to go get dessert at this really yummy cake place! We ened up getting this caramel chocolate cake. We didn't end up finishing it though >.< Neither of us are really sweets people so we only ate about three fourths of it. Which was fine though! I always order the lemonade when I go there because its seriously so great! I love sour lemonade and the one here is spicy sour.

I had a really great one year anniversary with sloth and I can't wait to show you more of our adventures some time in the future ^__^

On Tuesday the 22nd I ended up going to A passion pit concert for free because I won tickets on twitter! It was pretty cool and I went with my best friend Danny and it was at a venue neither of us have been to before so we didn't really know what to expect but all in all it was pretty great and both of us had a lot of fun! They played all of my favorite songs and were amazing live. When I tweeted that I was going a lot of you said they were bad live, but I personally thought they were pretty great!

And finally on Saturday the 26th I went to Disneyland! It was so much fun and I had an amazing time. I got to go on all of my favorite rides and although it was packed, I did everything I wanted to do. Since its October, they have their halloween decorations up! I've never been to Disneyland during october before so I was pretty excited.

I got to Disney around 10:30 and got in around 11:00 and the first thing we did was get fast passes for Space mountain which is Ghost galaxy during october. I actually don't really like space mountain because i'm scared of the dark and don't really like roller coasters but I went on it because my boyfriend wanted to. When we went to go for the pass there was a three hour line to get on it! And with the fast pass it only took us about five minutes to get on.

I brought my polaroid camera with me and took some pictures with it ^~^ this was during lunch. We brought in some salads because we didn't want to spend tons of money on food.

The next ride I was really excited to go on was Haunted mansion! Nightmare before Christmas is my favorite Halloween/Christmas movie so I love going on Haunted mansion during seasonal times! My boyfriend has never seen nightmare before Christmas or been to Disney during any seasonal time so I was really exited for him to go on this! He ended up having a lot of fun and it was really fortunate that the ride actually stopped while we were on it so I got to snag that really cool pictures of the pumpkins.

The line for Haunted Mansion was SO long. The longest line in the park next to Space mountain i'm pretty sure. It wrapped around so many times but it went by pretty quickly. I was worried we weren't going to be able to go on it because when we walked up to it the first time it was actually broken down (which happens SO much during Christmas)

We went on Astro blasters twice! This picture was really funny because I was trying to tell Sloth that the picture was coming up but he was like "no that was back there" and this was the result of the picture! 

The fireworks were absolutely breathtaking and I wish I had a better camera to take better pictures of it but I dont ; - ; I took a video on Instagram if you want to check that out! They did it themed to a lot of the major rides and attractions they have there at Disneyland and my favorite ones were The tiki room, and the haunted mansion! Everyone was singing along it was really cute. 

And here are some close ups of some of the Polaroid pictures I took! One of my followers actually ran into me and we took a picture together (top middle) she was so sweet and i'm sad I didn't catch her name but I told her i'd post it here on my blog so if thats you please comment below so I can get to know you! ^~^

I also bought some more pins for my collection! I had a really amazing week and I feel so blessed and happy for all of you! You guys have been so sweet to me lately and i've been so much happier lately I hope it rubs off on you guys  ^__^

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  1. I'd like to see vlogs of your adventures! c:

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  3. Not only should you do more "what I did this week" posts, I like the idea of a day in the life. Your pictures are always so good and you have such a cute life. I wanna learn more about you as a person :3 and thank you for all the Halloween Disney pictures! I've always wanted to go at this time of year and I'm so jealous.

  4. Omg hi!!! Im the follower you met haha! My name is Tiffany and I was so happy to meet you! You were so nice and thank you for taking a photo with me!

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  6. Really enjoyed reading this post! :)

  7. Some day in my life posts would be interesting!!

  8. I love your posts like these! you live such a cute life ♡
    - http://habichiku.blogspot.com/

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    I was wondering what kind of polaroid camera do you have?