New phone case ♡

 I got this really cute phone case on ebay for $4.99 and I wanted to share it with you guys! This is probably one of my favorite cases so far. I love the feel of it and I love how its half rubber half plastic. Everything feels really smooth and it makes the phone feel really nice to hold. All of the side buttons are protected so I feel like this phone case protects my phone a lot! One of my favorite things on the phone case is the green leafs at the top (the power button) I was worried that it would come off easy, but its really stuck on there! I cracked it because I took it off really harshly (for the post!) but it was only $4.99 so i'll probably end up buying some more colors ^__^ You can purchase it here.

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  1. Omfg it's SO cute! ;3 I wonder if they make it for Galaxy S3!~

    1. It costs a bit more but they do have it for the gs3. Look/search under the same seller's items.

  2. This is beyond cute! I love it!

  3. Słodka truskaweczka. Widzę, że zmieniłaś wygląd bloga. :)

  4. so cute!! please share with us when you shop on ebay, i'm always looking for new things on there :)
    we have the same bed sheet lol ^^

  5. this is so adorable! I think i'm gonna order this one and the red one <3

  6. Cute phone case! Very feminine. It suits you and the overall look of your blog, which is happy-go-lucky. About the crack, I barely noticed it on the power button. So I guess, all is well.

    Mary Hagopian @