My favorite Youtubers ♡

I've been wanting to feature my favorite youtubers for a while and i'm just now getting to it. I hope you guys enjoy and maybe find someone new to watch in the process. There are some other people i'll watch from time to time but they're not really my favorite. Also, its not in any particular order!

My first favorite is Louise ♥ from the channel sprinkleofglitter. She seems so down to earth and wonderful. She's a mom and makes a mixture of beauty videos and daily vlogs. She's very body positive and is one of the better people on youtube to look up to.

One of my favorite people on the internet of all time is Angelina , or Alb for short. From the youtube channel Albinwonderland is so heavenly! Her and I share a lot of the same views, and thats probably why I like her so much. She has the most perfect pink hair that I have ever seen on anyone. She makes a huge mix of different kinds of videos but they're all really entertaining and informative.

I don't watch a lot of beauty gurus mainly because i'm not super, super into makeup and doing lots of different things with it but when I do, I watch jen ♥ from the youtube channel frmheadtotoe She's so beautiful and she makes everything seem really easy! She also has a lot of really great halloween makeup tutorials, up too!

I just recently started watching Heart  from the youtube channel thatsheart but her personality is seriously so adorable I can't stand it. I really like her style and all the things she posts just makes me really happy for some reason. She posts a lot of girly things like fashion hauls, makeup looks, and monthly favorites.

Getting into the more funny people on youtube, I really enjoy Grace ♥ from the youtube channel dailygrace. She makes videos every day and she's so funny I can't believe I never watched her before. I think her personality is great and I wish I was friends with her (heheh) I love how awkward she makes everything seem!

And lastly is the always hilarious Hannah ♥ from the youtube channel myharto. She's very popular for her well known videos called 'my drunk kitchen' where she gets drunk, and well... cooks things. They are amazingly funny. All of her other videos are funny and I highly suggest checking out her videos if you're sad because when I was sad a while ago I watched all of her videos and I laughed so much I felt better.

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  1. do you like xiaorishu? or bubzbeauty?

    1. Bubz is such a cutie! I love her~ Jasmine should check her out when she got a free time, I'm sure she would love it.

  2. Jasmine! You should really check out jennim from clothesencounters! I think you'd enjoy her.

  3. You should watch Itsjudyslife on YouTube. I love their daily vlogs, judy is a makeup guru and has a family and a beautiful little baby name julianna and soon to come identical baby twins that are girls♥♥♥♥