Lush shower products ♡

Earlier today someone told me that since they're in college they cant use lush's bath products so i'm going to make a post on some of my favorite lush shower products! There are tons of fun things from lush that you can use to spice up any shower, that are just as fun as the bath bombs. 
I take a lot more showers than I do baths and here is some of my absolute favorite shower products! Sweetie pie is one of the first shower products I ever bought. It looks and feels exactly like jell-o, its so cool! It smells really nice and lasts a long time. Next up is A solid shampoo, if you're living in a dorm this is probably the best thing for you. These solid shampoos are really easy to use and last a long time. This particular one is Jumping Juniper. Since its getting closer and closer to Christmas Lush actually has their Christmas collection out so that means Snow Fairy is out! It smells absolutely amazing and is one of my favorite lush products of ALL TIME! If you to buy one thing from this list i'd recommend that most of all. Going along with gels products is this wonderful Fair Trade Honey shampoo. Honey is amazing for your hair, and so is this shampoo. If you struggle with dry skin then Dreamwash is for you.  A lot of people say they don't like the smell, but I do! Go smell it in the store before you buy it. And last but not least is the wonderful Porridge soap. Its not a seasonal product but the smell reminds me of winter. It's like a soap you'd use if you lived in a forest. It's fantastic!

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  1. I always look forward to your Lush posts! Have you tried their popcorn flavor lip scrub? ^.^

  2. A soap that smells like winter? That’s interesting! I wonder how they do that. I take a lot of bath and showers like you, so I love to experiment with soap scents. If you like porridge soap, I think you will also like Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap or Wine, Tea and Ginger bar. Jeannie @