How to clear up your acne ♡

Acne is seriously the worst so i'm going to give you guys a few tips on how to clear your acne up. A lot of these tips will help moderately but if you have very severe acne please consider going to a dermatologist! Because they can help you clear up your acne very fast. 

 ♥ Letting your skin breathe 
If you wear makeup try your best to wash it off when you get home from work/school. You don't have to wear makeup when you're just sitting at home.Washing your face and letting it be product free for even a couple of hours will do wonders. 

 ♥ Wash your hands more often 
Before applying makeup and washing your face, wash your hands! Your hands get really dirty over the day and washing your face with dirty hands is doing the opposite of cleaning your face. Its really helpful to keep a little hand

 ♥ Don't over wash your face 
Washing your face twice a day is the perfect amount. Once in the morning and once at night. Washing more than that can over dry your face which can cause annoying flaking on your face.

 ♥ Exfoliate your skin 
Exfoliating your skin is great because it gets rid of all of the dead skin cells, making your skin fresh, glowing, and healthy! I have a diy green tea scrub that you can read about here. You can even just use sugar to scrub your face/body! It works great. 

 ♥ Don't try out new products too often 
Trying new things is great, but not so great for your skin. Some products take a little while to work and some might be breaking you out so if you're trying out more than one new thing you might not know whats breaking you out. 

 ♥ Change things out 
Cleaning the things that touch your face seem obvious but a lot of people don't do it. Changing out your towels you use to dry your face, cleaning your phone screen, and changing your pillow can change things dramatically for you. These things carry a lot of germs and changing them out and cleaning them up can help a lot!

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  1. Drinking water and limiting your junk food intake is also helpful with your skin and body :)

  2. Love your advice! I really look forward to having better skin ✿