Clothing haul ♡

I've been spending a lot of money lately shopping because of the excuse that a lot of my clothes aren't warm enough for when it starts getting colder here in California. It's still around the mid 70's here so I just got some light sweaters and things. Then i ended up buying a lot of random things! I haven't done a haul in a long time so here we go!

I got these really cute see through lace socks from cotton on for just a few dollars. They always have cute socks at cotton on that are pretty good quality, so if you're looking for socks similar to these or frilly socks, check there!

Pokemon! I've been waiting for this game for SUCH a long time. I ended up getting X, obviously and my starter was Chespin! He's so adorable and in a few days i'm going to do a review on the game and give out my friend code for the game ^__^

Oh my god, this candle is the most amazing candle i have ever had in my life. Now, this IS also the most expensive candle i've ever bought too. Last night I had this burning for 6 hours straight and when it hardened again it literally looked like it was burning for about 5-10 minutes. It smells SO strong too, but not overpowering. I don't even have to have it burning and it makes my whole room smell. I got this at anthropologie for $16

Some cute fall lush products! I bought some bath bombs too.. but I used them already ; - ; sorry! I have a review that I posted recently of the facial cleanser "Let the good times roll" you can read it here. The cute little pumpkin on the right is called "pumpkin" and its a bubble bar!

These amazing high boots are from Charlotte Russe. They were nice enough to send me these to share with you guys! I'm so grateful. They are super comfy and zip up on the sides which is amazing because i hate having to lace up and tie my boots all the time.

This knit cardi and the dress below are from sheinside. This knit style is really cute and I haven't seen something like it anywhere else. I really like the elbow pads and how the bottom bubbles out!

This cream lace dress IS SO CUTE! I've been wearing it with sheer tights and boots and it looks so adorable, i can't wait to show you guys!

I've been looking for a denim shirt to wear underneath jumpers/sweaters and this one was pretty cheap from H&M.  It gets so wrinkly though ; - ;.. I ironed it and wore it for about an hour and it got SO wrinkled. 

I really needed some cute pajama shorts and I mean I didn't really NEED them.. but look how cute they are! They were on sale for $10 at cotton on.

My favorite thing out of everything I bought was this adorable little sweater from anthropologie. Its hands down one of the cutest things i've bought in SUCH a long time. It isn't really ideal for winter time because its sheer and thin but I couldn't help it. I hope this style gets popular because I love how this sweater looks with lace at the bottom!

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  1. Everything is so cute! You inspired me to start mt own blog and yeah here i am now c:

  2. I can't find the lace dress anywhere :c

  3. what's that floral thing in the upper left hand corner? you didn't haul it individually x)

  4. i have the same knit cardigan from sheinside!!!!! it's so warm and snuggly~ one elbow patch ripped, though. ;;

  5. all these things are just so adorable *^^*
    i bet you look really pretty in them~

    weirdoland -

  6. So cute! Where did you get the glasses from?

  7. OMG so cute! Great haul!
    Follow me back?

  8. Uh, I love everything especially the dress!! I blog about it too. ��

  9. Lovely. check my haul too

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  11. so cute OMG!