Accessorizing for cold weather ♡

When it starts getting colder outside a lot of people forget that you can still dress cute and be warm! In this post i'm going to show you guys some examples of outfits you can put together yourself or even buy with the links i'm going to provide you! I live in San Diego so the coldest it gets here is 40 degrees, so keep in mind that these still might be not warm enough!

Knit Cardi ♥ Modcloth
Dress  Bonne Chance
Scarf ♥ Topshop
Shoes  Lulu's
Umbrella ♥ Modcloth
Sheer tights  Anywhere!

Dress ♥ Bonne chance
Shoes ♥ Topshop
Socks  Topshop
Scarf ♥ Topshop
Umbrella  Modcloth
Sheer tights ♥ Anywhere!

Top ♥ Modcloth
Cardi ♥ Topshop
Leggings ♥ Cotton on
Shoes  ASOS
Scarf & beanie ♥ Topshop

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PS. My friend Alex Kazemi is coming out with this totally awesome book that is being published by MTV in 2014 about being a teen in the 90's! I just finished it and it was fantastic. You can check out the first 10 pages for free, here.


  1. There are some really cute winter accessories, I love the snowman gloves xx

  2. Looks like i need to go shopping for some scarves! Love this ♡

  3. Thanks so much for the foundation help!! I've been using that eyeliner for the 11 months and it really does last forever <3