September favorites ♡

I've been posting my monthly favorites a little early every month so I hope you guys don't mind. These are my favorites this month! September went by really quickly and I found myself really into my school work so I was a little absent from blogging every other day, i'm sorry guys! I'm going to try and posting every other day at least, also get excited because in December i'm going to be posting every single day!

Once of my favorites this month is this little patch I bought at a local Japanese market called Marukai. It was only a couple of dollars and its really cute! They also sell some other really cute patches there so if you have a Marukai where you live, you should go check it out! They sell a lot of the same things that Daiso sells. 

I've been taking my 3DS XL everywhere with me lately! I've been playing Animal crossing like crazy after not playing for a while. I have review of that game you can read here. I don't have many games for my 3DS because I try not to play it A LOT but I always do. I'm preordered Pokemon X so i'll be posting a review of that game when I get it!

This bubble bar from lush is actually from their Easter collection and I just finished using my other one that I bought and it's amazing. It does wake you up a little though, so I wouldn't use it if you're trying to go to sleep right after. It smells really nice and makes your bath look like the sunset!

I started taking iron pills again because I am anemic and i've been feeling really dizzy and sick so taking iron pills evens everything out for me. A lot of teenagers and younger people are prone to an iron deficiency so if you have been feeling not so well lately you should consider getting your blood taken out so they can make sure everything is okay with you because iron deficiencies can get dangerous. Mine isn't very bad at all, and i'm grateful for that! I got this at target for about three dollars I believe ^__^

I absolutely love this manga so much! It made me cry ; - ; if you've been looking for something to read I recommend this! I don't want to give much away about the story but I feel like a lot of people going into college or just graduating will relate to this manga a lot. You can purchase it here. The artwork is absolutely stunning and it has a live action movie based on the book that i've been meaning to watch.

This beanie was sent to me a while ago and I wrote a review on it that you can read here. Its getting a little colder here in San diego so i've been wearing this a lot to class. I get tons of compliments on it and people are always asking me where I got it! I think its really cute and has held up perfectly with all the wear i've been giving it.

I've bought so many of these little bottles of Manic panic! This is my favorite color to buy. I recently put pink back into my hair and this is what I use. It lasts a pretty long time for me and its really mixable with all my other colors! The color is "Cotton candy pink" 

And lastly something i'm really excited I decided to try is this Nivea lip butter. I was addicted to the EOS lip balms a while ago and I thought those were amazing, this is literally lip balm gold. Nothing has ever made my lips feel so soft! It stays on your lips for a long time, smells/tastes great, and although it does't put a color on your lips it seems like it makes them look more pink and brings out their natural color a lot better! The only downside is that you have to put your finger in the little tub and if you're a person who hates germs, that might bother you. But its okay with me because i'm always washing my hands. You can purchase it here.

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  1. Oooo! That Nivea lip butters my favorite, i love all of your blog posts, there so cutesy! :3

  2. Hi, run a blog about photography, I hope you like it.

  3. Your blog is so adorable!! (。♥‿♥。)
    I'm also taking that same iron pill because I have low blood pressure.

  4. My purple is starting to fade and I've never had pink in my hair so maybe I'll try that dye! ♡

  5. i wish there 's lush where I live v_v

  6. I've been a huge fan of your blog for a while now and I know you're overqualified for this but I hope you check out my post! I nominated you for the Liebster Award!