My updated skincare routine ♡

The last time I did a skincare routine post was about a year ago, I believe and since then my skin has improved a lot. So I thought i'd update you guys on what i've been using! I've gone pretty much 100% luck, which does get expensive but it makes my skin feel really amazing so I spend a little more cash. I made a post a while ago on how to get lush cheaper if you live in the us, you can check it out here.

1.) Ocean salt- $21.95 I use this whenever I feel like my skin needs a little boost. I don't use this everyday because it can get a little abrasive and if you are breaking out and use something really rough it can prematurely pop your pimples and cause acne scars. Sometimes I use this in the morning if I had a really rough night. It really wakes me up in the morning and gives my skin a nice glow. This tub lasts me about three months if I use it two-three times a week.
2.) Aqua marina- $28.95 I use this every morning and every night. This is by far my favorite cleanser from lush, which is odd for me because I usually only like things that bubble up or have little scrubbies in them, because they feel like they work better but this is a really gentle cleanser and it doesn't leave any icky residue on my face. It doesn't take off any makeup though, so before using this at night i use some makeup removing wipes. Any I can find really, I don't have a favorite kind. A tub of this lasts me about a month and a half.
3.)Tea tree water- $9.95 This toner is really great to use if you have been out all day and need a boost. I spray some on before I put my makeup on, and if my makeup feels a little heavy i'll spray some on my face and it makes everything look a little more natural. If i'm having a big breakout i'll put some on at night and it really helps calm down my skin. This has a lot of purposes! I wouldn't say that it is AMAZING, but i've bought it more than five times and it makes my skin feel nicer, although i'm not sure that it actually does anything other than make me feel nice. A bottle of this lasts me about three months. 
4.) Grease lightning- $13.95 This is one of my favorite products to use, ever. I've probably repurchased this more than ten times. This is the best spot treatment i've ever used. If you have a breakout you can just dab this on the pimple, or spread it all over your face and it will help clear it up right away. If you were to just buy one thing, I would recommend this the most. This probably lasts me around a month because I use it all over my face. If you were to only use it on little spots it will most likely last you more than two months. I wish they made this in bigger bottles!
5&6.)Cupcake and The sacred truth- $6.95 (each) These two products are fresh face masks, which means they need to be kept refrigerated so they stay good. They contain products that need to be kept cool. You can't buy them online sadly, you can only get them in stores. I actually mix these two masks together and use them at the same time. Cupcake is a face mask for acne while the sacred truth really calms down irritated skin, so I found that they work really well together! 
7.)Fresh Farmacy- $9.95 This is a really nice cleanser to use if you have sensitive skin. This was made for people who are sensitive to a lot of things. I use this when i'm having a breakout just to calm down my skin. It leaves your face feeling really squeaky clean. The only down side is that it comes in a bar form ; - ;...

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  1. I've been wanting to try Lush products out for awhile now but have been putting purchasing any off seeing as how they are a little expensive.Although they do sound amazing! I like that they use natural ingredients and a lot of their products are vegan! The ocean salt scrub and the grease lightning sound great. Thanks for the post!
    The Impossibly Cute

  2. I tried a sample of grease lightning and it diddnt work for me ;o; the dark angels works amazingly though!

  3. Your skin care regiment looks great. The products that you have seem effective in preventing acne and pimple flare-ups. How about a refining mask? Do you also use that? It’s great for spot treating any bumps that try to pop-up in your face. Also, it's great for those who have oily skin.
    William Barrett @ Spirit Lift Plastic Surgery

  4. I just on the uk site tht they had the cupcake mask, do you just get them in store so they're fresh? or we're they not available then?