Music playlist for fall ♡

The wonder years are one of my favorite bands ever. I've seen them live a million times and they never disappoint. My favorite album by TWY is Suburbia i've given you my all and now i'm nothing.You can click here to listen to the full album.  TWY are that kind of band a lot of people can relate to, and I find myself listening to them more around winter time. I'm not sure why that is but I get in a mood to listen to them more when its colder outside. Probably because so many of their songs reference cold weather. Every single one of their albums are flawless and they are absolutely amazing live and give off the best vibes. I even have some of their lyrics tattooed on me! If you like pop punk, you will most likely like The wonder years.
Also check out some of their other stuff like Wont be pathetic forever, and the upsides. They play tons of shows all around the US and play Warped tour a lot so if you ever get the chance to see them live, I really recommend it. They are fantastic.

Tegan and Sara are amazing, the album The con is from 2004 and i've been obsessed with it since it came out. If you've never heard of Tegan and sara, you should check them out. They aren't as popular as a lot of radio music but they are very, very talented. They started Tegan and Sara in 1995 out of Canada. They are twins too! How cool is that?! The whole album is amazing, I find that a lot of albums are great but there are always those off songs that are just kind of good. This album is my favorite because every single song is amazing. You can click here to listen to the whole album for free. If you end up liking T&S, you should also check out their albums So jealous and Sainthood. Those are also some really amazing albums by them. Also please consider purchasing these albums!

A couple of months ago I saw Anamanaguchi live, and it was literally the best show I have ever been to in my life. The vibe was so positive and amazing. Their whole set up was so colorful it was fantastic. Anamanaguchi is a chiptune rock band from New york. Their music is really happy its really great to listen to while you're getting ready too! Something really cool about them is that they did some of the music for the scott pilgrim video game. They were also featured on the game rock band. I don't know many people who have heard of Anamanaguchi, which is why I made sure to include them on this list. I hope some more people listen to their stuff! You can listen to their newest album, endless fantasy by clicking here. Although I do recommend checking out their music videos like this one and this one because they are REALLY cool.

Man overboard is a really amazing pop punk band and this is one of my favorite albums by them. I've seen them live before, and they're really amazing and they are all really sweet. Their music is really catchy and fun. If you like the wonder years, a band that I mentioned in this post, you will most likely like man overboard. You can listen to the whole album here. They also play a lot of shows around the US and they are actually touring right now! So check them out if they come to where you live. You should also check out their new album heart attack.

Those were some of my favorite albums to listen to so now i'll continue on with a playlist! These are some of my favorite songs that I listen to on a daily basis, all of them will be linked to a youtube video for easy listening ^__^ Also, please let me know if you would like another one of these posts for winter.

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  1. I love your playlist! I did a favourite album/artist post and i had the xx on there to they're super fab! fab blog girlie! xx

  2. Oh my god, I freaking love your taste in music! ACE! ♡