Happy cosmos bag review ♡

The owner of Happy cosmos on etsy was nice enough to send me one of these really adorable hand made bags to review for you guys. She has a collection of a bunch of different backpacks, iphone cases, and bags that are hand made with love and they're all really cute. I really adore when people make things, themselves. 

I'm not sure of the exact material of this bag, but it feels very blanket like so you wouldn't want to use it if its hot outside, but since winter is coming this might just be a wonderful bag for you to use! Its very comfy and soft. The stitching on everything is in tact and there are zero flaws on the bag which is amazing.

I find it important to let you guys know how bags fit things, so this bag fits a one inch binder, and a standard size textbook. It could also hold a fifteen inch macbook which is what i have. Since the whole bag is very plush like its very soft on your shoulders so it doesn't cut into them and hurt like a lot of canvas bags do.

This is what the back of the bag looks like! Everything is really great quality and very soft so personally I am going to use this as a laptop bag! If you have been looking for something similar I would really recommend this, or you can even use it as a bag for school/work. I'm beyond happy with this bag and I really hope that you guys check Happy cosmos out!

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  1. I didn't think it was so big! It's adorable.

    I especially love the panda and the unicorn backpack!


  2. Oh my goodness I've been wanting to buy this bag for a long time now <3 Thanks for the review!~

  3. I bought the Bunny version a while ago, but I didn't think to use it as a laptop bag! I have way too much stuff to fit in this as a regular schoolbag c:

  4. Cute bag, milk thigs so adorable. ♥

  5. so cute! i think the blanket material is fleece