Dainty store review ♡

The Dainty store owner was nice enough to send me some really cute things to review for you guys! I'm actually really excited because this backpack is literally the cutest thing in the world. I was worried it wasnt going to be that good of quality, but wow! The quality is really great.  I'm really impressed with this bag because it actually fits a lot of things. I can fit two textbooks, and a binder in here with some extra space. It also has two zipper pockets, a cell phone pocket, and some pocket space in the front where the lace is located. The stitching on everything is perfect and found no mistakes anywhere on the backpack. If you're looking for a cute backpack I would really look into getting this one from Dainty

She also sent me some cute colored pens, which I love! The packaging is really convenient. I've been taking them to school lately and using them to take notes because there is so many colors. I think the cute patterns that they came in is really neat. i've never seen pens like that before, and lastly some kitty tights! I love these kind of tattoo tights that are sheer with a design. These are really subtle. Sheer tights like these can give you a little extra layer of warmth when it starts getting colder outside. Check out Dainty for some more cute clothes, and stationary! I hope you guys love it. 

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  1. omg these are so adorable!!
    love the backpack it's so cute!!
    xoxo Rose

  2. I might actually buy this backpack since mine broke my first day of college :c thank you for telling what it fits!!

  3. That is the cutest backpack I have ever seen! Love the little bow. The pens and the tights are cute too ^^

  4. How lovely is that backpack! It's gorgeous. I love the pens too, I'm on the website browsing now.

    Lindsey. x

  5. Ahh that backpack is so cute!!and the pens, i want aha