Never baby "don't touch me" beanie review ♡

So I posted a picture on twitter last night and so many of you loved it I knew I had to get this review up the next day! This beanie is from Never baby on etsy. I absolutely love this because its so sassy! She also makes other types of beanies and accessories! 

Heres a close up of the beanie! Sorry its a little linty ; - ; It was rolling around on my bed. it wasn't very noticeable in person, but in pictures it was. The beanie is literally flawless though! I can't wait to wear this! She took a plain beanie and stitched in all the cute! I got this last night, and i was too excited to wait, so I took it out of the packaging but the packaging and how she wrapped the beanies was literally so cute. I regret not taking a picture!

She also included this cat ear beanie which is SO adorable. This would look really cute with an all black outfit. I actually have this same exact beanie but in a tan color and I never wear it because I don't like the color, But I love this pink color a lot, and the studs make it so much cuter!

Heres a close up on the studs and the knitting on the beanie! Everything is secure and in place, so the spikes aren't going anywhere. On the back, they are screwed in which is perfect. I know a lot of people just opt out and glue them onto the fabric and thats when you have problems because they fall off, but these are screwed into the front and back, so you're good to go! The lovely girl who owns this shop ships from Portland Oregon so if you live in the US you should receive your order pretty quickly!

This is what she says on her etsy page: If you haven't taken note yet, I donate 10% of profits towards RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network). My whole motivation to start this store up stemmed from the inspiration to actively do good. As veteran tumblrite, I realized simply liking and reblogging posts about injustice in our society doesn't exactly do much to help its cause apart from spreading awareness. So not only are you buying something really adorable, but helping a cause too! I love these beanies, and this shop!

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  1. I would love the pink one!

  2. So cute! Makes me want to get my beanies out again :)
    Jazzy | Exxcapades

  3. I absolutely love the second one! You're lucky to have a face that is suited by beanies and hats :)

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  7. Could you post a picture with these on? c: