How to treat and get rid of frizzy hair ♡

Hiya kittens! A lot of you may or may not know that I have naturally curly hair. So what comes with curly hair? Frizz! All of you girls out there with frizzy hair will feel me on this one, it SUCKS. So I came up with my favorite DIY treatments for those of you who want to calm down your frizzy hair. I've tried all of these treatments and i've noticed that they all helped me personally ^__^ 

The first thing I would suggest is coconut oil. Coconut oil is seriously AMAZING. You can cook with it, use it as massage oil, and even put it in your hair. This makes an amazing mask on its own. What you can do is scoop a couple handfuls of this into your wet hair and work it from your roots to your ends. Once I do that, I put a shower cap on and leave it on for two hours. Once I do that, I hop back into the shower and wash most of it out of my hair and get a little shampoo and wash the rest out. If you have very oily hair I would suggest washing it out with shampoo because the coconut oil might make your oily hair worse. Once your hair is dry, it will look noticeably shiny, healthy looking, and a lot less frizzy! You can do this once a week if you'd like. Another great thing coconut oil is good for, is growing your hair out. 

A great spa like treatment for your hair is getting olive oil, putting it in the microwave for about 15 seconds (check to see that its not super hot before putting it on) and putting it on your tips to your ALMOST scalp. The reason I don't think you guys should put it near your scalp is because olive oil may break you out! Leave it on with a shower cap for about two hours and wash out with a little bit of shampoo to get the remaining oil out. 

Avocados are my favorite to eat, and put in my hair! They are a little expensive to buy, but the results are great! Smash up some fresh avos and apply to wet hair. You can also add plain yogurt to the mix to make a really refreshing hair mask. Leave on for two hours and wash out with a little bit of shampoo!

Small tips:
 Dry your hair with paper towels.
 Always condition your hair
 Wash your hair every other day (use dry shampoo)
 Avoid using heat
 Always use heat protectant 

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  1. thanks for this! this will help me a lot.
    another tip that helps me is wrapping my hair in a cotton t-shirt after a shower. cotton is much more gentle on the hair than a towel, and less wasteful than paper towels! :)

  2. I used to use this mixture that was olive oil, avocado, honey, and coconut oil in my hair and it made it so soft and smell surprisingly good. I even think it helped my hair grow a little faster! ♡

  3. I love to use avocados for my hair and face. I have whipped up my own recipes as well. Maybe I should post some on Blogger sometime. Heehee. Thanks for the tips! <3

  4. i put coconut oil in my hair every couple of nights and just sleep with it in! it hasn't gotten rid of the frizz but it has helped since i just recently bleached it.. plus i use caster oil to help it grow faster. totally works! (just rub it all over your scalp lol)

  5. Do you know how to get rid of dandruff?? I've tried three different shampoo/conditioners but i still have dandruff