How to make friends ♡

It seems like i'm getting so many messages on my tumblr lately of you guys asking me how to make friends in school, whether it being because you're starting at a new school, or just feel like you need to make some new friends i've come up with some tips for you guys to use! I start school on Tuesday, and I know A lot of you have started school already, so I hope that this is still of some use to you.

♥ Overcome your fear 
Fear is the number one factor thats stopping you, and anyone really from making friends with everybody! In middle school and high school kids can be really mean, and the media makes it seems like if you're the new kid then everybody is going to automatically hate you. But in my own experience  with moving around quite a bit, that was never the case. Its so easy for me to just say "well just talk to people!" but I know its a lot easier said than done. It takes time and practice to get over your fear of people rejecting your advances to be friends. But the reason I wanted to include this, is because you always have to keep in mind that there are good people, and there is bad people. You will meet both, so don't get discouraged if you meet a few bad people who will be straight up rude to you. Now you'll just know to stay away from them. 

♥ Be friendly, but not over friendly 
The reason I said not to be over friendly is because people who are over friendly tend to be taken as people who are "trying too hard" and kids and teenagers just love to tell people that they're "trying too hard". If you're starting out at a new school, talk to the person sitting next to you. A great thing to start off with, is a compliment. Say "Oh hey! I like your ____" generally, by giving them a complement you can kind of sort of tell what kind of person they are. Open, or not. If they smile and say thank you! Then they will be a more open person and you can say something like "You're welcome! (insert why you like that particular item)" and you can have a simple yet very good starting conversation. If the person seems moody, and not really taking your compliment, you know to try and talk to someone else. Find things in common with people and talk about them! People love to talk about themselves so ask them about things they like and if you genuinely like those things too, they will be more inclined to want to be friends with you.

♥ Be honest 
Lunch time is so scary when you're new because you have no idea who you're going to sit with. So if you're new try finding some friendly people or even one person and while you're talking to them try sneaking in that you're new and that you don't have any friends. Most of the time the person will offer to walk with you to class, or even invite you to lunch with them. If they don't, don't worry! Ask them! Say something like: "I feel so lame but, I think you're really cool and I don't have any friends at all yet here so do you mind if I hang out with you at lunch?" Almost always will the person say yes. But in the occasion that they say no for whatever reason just say: "oh its okay! I'll manage" and try talking to someone else!

♥ School activities 
To be honest with you, this is something I didn't really do, but I know it's something a lot of people do, do. Joining clubs, and sports is the number one way to meet people because you already have something in common with them! You'll be spending a lot of time with these people so you're pretty much guaranteed friends. This also works with electives you can pick, because you can ask the person why they picked that class and that you love (whatever the class is) too!

♥ Be careful 
High school is a really strange time for teenagers because they're all trying to find themselves and in doing so a lot of bad things tend to happen like, drugs, drinking, and sex. But as your big sister type person, I just want to warn you all that you don't need to do anything to be cool. I think you're pretty cool all on your own! Personally, I was never peer pressured in high school because I made it pretty known that I wasn't into doing those kinds of things so people who did, didn't bother me about it but just be careful okay? I love you all and would hate to see anything bad happen to you guys! High school is all about getting good grades and trying your best. It will shape the way for a lot of peoples future, so its a good thing to try your best and not get caught up with bad people. I love you!

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