eBay skirt review ♡

So I bought this skirt off of eBay because i've been looking for some cheaper skirts because winter is coming around and I wanted some skirts to wear with tights! This skirt was $7.72 from this user on eBay. I ordered it on August 3rd, and got it on August 13th, which is really good! I bought this expecting it wasn't going to be all that great so this isn't really a let down. This skirt was REALLY cheap, so for the price it really isn't going to get much better than this. The quality is pretty bad. Its a chiffon LIKE material but it isn't chiffon. It's weird. But, I must say that I love the floral pattern. If you were to wear this skirt alone with a tank top it makes you look kind of puffy because of the way this skirt is built, but if you're looking for a layering piece, this is pretty good. I'm planning on putting this away until it gets cold outside because this will look really cute with a jacket and tights! If you're looking for something cheap, get this skirt! But by all means if you're looking for something of quality, I wouldn't recommend this. I don't think this skirt will survive many washes, but for $7, free shipping. I can deal with that! I also, really love the fact that it has shorts on the inside, so its not sheer at all!

I'm going to give this skirt a 2/5 stars because of how bad the quality is, I wouldn't repurchase one of these skirts. 

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  1. Sucks about the quality, because this is a really cute skirt!

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