Dark moon boutique review ♡

Dark moon boutique on etsy sent me some stuff to show you guys and i'm so excited because all of the things they sent me are like oh my gosh, super cool. My favorite of course, is the alien crop top. I absolutely love anything with alien print on it because aliens are so cute! I can't wait to wear that out. The fabric is amazing, and can stretch a lot! I forgot to take a photo of it, but they also sent me a little patch that says "WHATEVER" on it and im so stoked because its so much bigger than I thought it would be and I put it on my backpack and it looks so adorable, and lastly a really nice beanie with lime green spikes on them. I've always wanted a beanie that has spikes on them and i'm really glad I have one now! The spikes are screwed on too, not just glued on so they're going to stay in place. Everything is really great quality and once I get the chance to wear everything I will definitely post up a picture for you little kittens to see. Dark moon has tons of really cutesty edgy clothing pieces so if you're into that sort of thing, you should check them out + they have 100% positive feed back on etsy so that just means that they're perfect 

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  2. I love the beanie, super cute!


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  4. Loving the "whatever" patch and the hat! Great post Jasmine, would love for you to check out my blog if you had time :)

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  7. Hey April c: I love Lush, and I know you do too. I was wondering if you would make a post about your top 10 favorites? I'd love to know what you recommend.