August favorites ♡

I'm posting up my August favorites a little early this month because i'm so excited I even have a monthly favorites! I don't buy a lot of new products because i'm usually really content with what I have but i've been shopping a lot lately and I guess thats a good thing because now I can show you guys some things i've in in love with! And surprise surprise I bought almost everything here IN PERSON! That's a record for me.

The first thing is this mint face mask that I bought from whole foods for under $5. I've seen a lot of beauty gurus talk about this on youtube and I saw it and I knew that I had to buy it since it was so cheap! This mask is really cool because there is a lot of product and a little goes a long way. This mask makes your face feel really tingly and minty. Its really great for acne because it dries out the pimples, but not your skin! 

I really love sweet vanilla scents and this spray from ulta was really cheap, and it smells AMAZING. It smells like fall and winter and every time I smell it I get really excited for when it starts getting cold outside. If you have a ulta near you, you should go see if they still have this in store (they should) and smell it! Thats what i smell like... heh.

This face wash called Aquamarina from Lush is my absolute favorite and has been for a couple of months now. I ran out of some, and I started breaking out so I didn't want to wait two weeks to wait for some to come from the UK website, so I just went in store to buy some and I picked up some samples as well! I really like this stuff because it makes your face feel really soft and looking all bright like you just washed your face with magical soaps from the Gods.

All of the makeup brushes I use are from Ecotools because they're really cheap and really good. Since i'm starting school really soon I wanted a powder brush I can take around with me everywhere and this one is great! It feels soft, and i've never owned a kabuki brush before, so I don't really have anything to compare it to, but I love this. It spreads the powder on really evenly.

I've been wanting one of these glow in the dark nail polishes from American Apparel for SUCH a long time but every time I would look, they were sold out. I went in store the other day and they had them so I had to buy it. When applied on your nails the color looks exactly like those glow in the dark stars that almost every kid has on their ceilings. Obviously its not the cutest color in the world but its literally THE most entertaining thing ever when you're having a bad day and you're about to sleep and then your nails are glowing. The glow isn't very strong (maybe because i put a top coat? I'm not sure) but you can still tell that its glowing and its super cool, i'm planning on buying the other colors. 

I use this Revlon powder that looks almost exactly like this, but it comes in a black packaging, and not white and I didn't really think it would make a difference but oh my god, this one is so much better! The color matches me perfectly and the powder is just so much smoother. I hope they don't discontinue this because I love it so much. 

This is the only online purchase from my monthly favorites. This wallet I bought from Urban outfitters! I've been meaning to buy a "big girl wallet" for a long time because I usually have like little hello kitty type wallets and on urban's website, this was on sale for $12! It's really cute. 

And lastly are these eye makeup removing pads from Almay. I used their wipes, prior to buying these and they made my skin burn for some reason.. So I got these and they don't make me feel like my face is burning off so I thought that was an improvement. They take of my eye makeup really well, and I wear lots of mascara and eyeliner so if they can take it all of then thats great in my book.

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  1. So cute. I need to try the masque!

  2. Thank you so much for recommending ecotools!! I've been looking for ages to find good cheap brushes! ^w^

  3. I was wondering what the glow in the dark nail polish would be like! I think that would be so cool! I want to try it :)
    Madeleine || Madeleine In Wonderland

  4. please make a review about the glow in the nail polish!!!

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  6. The tingling you are feeling from that mask is NOT good. It means your skin is being irritated. Maybe you can use it without any problems but don't think it's a good idea for those who have sensitive skin.

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  8. So nice wallet :) I would like to try the NEARLY NAKED powder :))


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  10. I really like your blog.... so pretty :D
    I also love that wallet beautiful.