Adorable shoes from @emandsprout ♡

I absolutely love these handmade shoes by the shop emandsprout I bought a pair more than a year ago and i'm so shocked that they have held up this long that I decided to share some more of her super cute designs with you guys! When I bought them I was worried they were going to fall apart after a couple uses but i've worn these to disneyland, the fair, the beach, and even to a pumpkin patch and they do get a little dirty but have not fallen apart at all! 

This is my pair! They run a tiny bit big. I wear a size 8 normally so, I bought a size 8 in her shoes but they have a little bit of room so i'd recommend sizing down. They are really really comfortable though! The only downside is that since her shop is pretty popular it takes a little while to get your package. For me I remember it taking around two and a half weeks, but its totally worth it!

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  1. I remember you talking about these a while back and so for Christmas I got ones with cute little bats and they're amazing! :3

    1. Did you have to get a smaller size or were they true to size?

  2. Thanks for sharing..
    It is so cute...


  3. These shoes are made from the plain mary jane shoes from urban outfitters! I've had the black ones forever and they last forever too!