Tips for your first day of school ♡

With these tips i'll help you make your first day back to school less stressful, and scary! The first day back to school can be stressful because you are surrounded around new people, new teachers, and possibly a new place. With these tips, hopefully a lot of your worries will fade away! If you're looking for a checklist of things you should buy back to school, click here.

♥ Planning ahead 

If you're starting at a new school you might not know where everything is exactly, so printing out a school map online or getting one in the main office will help not get lost! I remember when I was starting high school from middle school I was so terrified because I get lost super easily and I wish I carried a map around me everywhere. If you get a map, use a hi-lighter to mark where all of your classes are and try to go visit the school before school starts. Take your map with you and walk around to all of your classes and take note of where all of the bathrooms are and how long it takes to get to each class. If you haven't gotten your classes, then still go visit the school and try to memorize where the buildings are. 

♥ Getting back in school mode 

I feel like the biggest problem people have is from going to staying up late every night and being lazy all the time to going waking up early and having to focus all day. What I like doing is two weeks before school starts start waking up an hour earlier every day. So, if its Monday and I wake up at 12pm every day i'll wake up at 11am, then on Tuesday i'll wake up at 10. Until I start waking up at 6am. This might seem annoying and unnecessary but trust me, it helps SO much. I do the same thing with going to bed. I like having around 9-10 hours of sleep every night so I go to bed an hour earlier every night until its at the perfect time. So once school starts you'll be used to it and in the morning you wont be rushing to get ready and eat breakfast! 

♥ Saving time in the morning... so you can sleep longer 

Saving time in the morning is really essential because nobody likes being rushed, and nobody likes being late. To save time in the morning I always: Prepare my breakfast/lunch the night before, pick out my outfit the night before, get my backpack packed the night before, and have all my make up out in my bathroom so i'm not rummaging through things. By doing all these things you can save up to 30 minutes in the morning that you could use sleeping, or laying in bed watching tv. The weekend before school starts I like to do all of this in the morning and use a countdown clock to see exactly how long it takes me to get ready, once you do that you'll be saving tons of time in the morning and you'll never be late!

♥ The first day of school 

So hopefully on the first day of school you used the tips I gave you and you woke up a happy camper! On the first day of school you might be unsure of what to bring because you're not sure what your teachers will ask of you so to be safe just bring a pencil/pen with a binder full of paper. In high school I don't remember ever having a teacher who taught on the first day of school, but it is really important to go on the first day of school because a lot of teachers do name learning exercises that can help you make new friends! Don't be too stressed about the first day because if you stress out you will just get in a bad mood and nobody wants that. 

♥ Don't worry 
Remember that everyone is going through the same thing as you. You're not the only one! The start of a new school year is refreshing because you can meet lots of new friends and meet new teachers you might not have had yet. A lot of teachers are understanding and will help you with whatever you need. If I could give you guys one piece of advice, it would be to be yourself! Wear what you want, and be who you want. If you pretend to be someone you aren't you're going to attract people who only want to be your friend because of who you're pretending to be, and those aren't real friends!

If you have some more back to school tips feel free to leave them in the comments! I have added an anonymous option so you don't need to be logged in to leave some comments!

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  1. Really good tips! ♥ I'll be starting university in September and it'll be my first time away from home. So I have had a couple of visits to the city just so I can get used to the area. Preparation is key!

  2. Say 'Hello' to everyone! And never stop. People might be stand offish at first, but don't forget in the next two weeks or so people will still be feeling new and anxious, so make a point of saying 'hi' all the time, and making time to ask people about themselves and listen.

    If you're shy, I imagine just smiling at people will help. Then at least you can be the shy smiley person! Best of luck kids :)

  3. I'll have to be thinking of this once I get back in September. Love, Meng Ai

  4. I really need to do that sleeping schedule thing because I usually (last year's school nights) would only get a couple hours of sleep and end up missing my bus a few times, which sucks for me because I live an hour away from my school! I'm really excited for this new school year (sophomore year yay!) because I'm hoping I'll be able to make some real, awesome, relatable friends because I haven't been able to since elementary school! I'm going in with a positive attitude and I think that's also essential to having a good and somewhat fun time at school c:

  5. I'm always super nervous about the first day of school! x)

  6. Wow this is gonna really help cuz i go back to school in August so yeaaaaaaaaaaa thank u!!!!

  7. Im new at my school and im nervous can you give me some tips?

  8. My first day is almost here and im a new student. Can you please give me some tips?

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