Poketo planner ♡

Hey guys! I got my planner from poketo and I wanted to show you guys some better pictures of it because it seemed like a lot of you were interested in it. I really love planners because its a good way of planning out your days!

I like this planner more because i'm not one to write tons and tons in a planner so this tiny weekly planner is perfect for me. The little drawings are so cute! I love how tiny the spaces are because my handwriting is really tiny

It would be a lot cuter if the designs changed as time goes by, but it doesn't ; - ;*

To hold my place I will be using this really adorable kitty post it note/tab thing! Which will be featured in my back to school haul. So look forward to that guys! The lighting in my room was so weird today for some reason... so excuse my bad photos today! I hope you guys liked the more in depth photos on my new planner! If you buy it let me know below! We can be twins! 

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  1. Omg the planners are so freakin cute!!! I should buy myself one!

  2. This is super cute but do you suggest any other planners? Maybe something larger for school and stuff, and super cute like this one? Thanks!

  3. i just bought mine!!!1!! now we are totes going to be twins

  4. Haha I bought the same thing at San Diego Comic Con! The stuff on their site is super cute.

  5. Is this a september 2013 to september 2014?